This $10 IKEA Buy Offers a Genius Way to Present Your Towels for Luxe, Hotel-Worthy Look

Not only does it result in a stylishly elevated bathroom but it's a super practical storage idea, too

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IKEA is a go-to source of inspiration. With such a huge catalog of storage solutions, versatile flat-packs, and Scandi-style furniture, there's pretty much no design woe that the Swedish homeware brand can't solve. Even if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, there are plenty of inventive ways to adapt their existing products for a new purpose, and we've found one example you'll definitely want to know about.

Finding a way to store your bathroom towels that's both stylish and practical is a task easier said than done. There's the option of a linen cupboard, where your neatly folded towels usually get lost to the depths of the cabinet; they can be neatly rolled and housed in a basket where they often take up valuable space; or, you take advantage of vertical space with a wine rack on your bathroom walls.

Confused? We wouldn't be surprised. To elevate your modern bathroom to a hotel level of luxury, a wall-mounted rack is a designer favorite, and you can easily cheat the look using a $10 bottle rack from IKEA. Not only does it offer a great way to display your bright array of terrycloths, but it also makes it so much easier to quickly grab a fresh towel (especially for visiting guests). Here's what you need to know.

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This idea comes courtesy of Shayna Alnwick (@theflippedpiece). Taking to TikTok, she showed us how she repurposed a simple IKEA wine rack into a thing of beauty, putting it to use in her bathroom as a towel storage idea. Making use of an empty space on the wall above her vanity, she now has a beautiful and convenient way of displaying her hand towels, and we're feeling seriously inspired.

The advantage of this clever hack is that the four-bottle SNÖSPIRA wine rack at IKEA already comes with holes to drill into the wall so you can attach it easily. Better yet, it costs just $10 - a far cheaper price tag than most wall-mounted towel racks you'll find on the market.

Professional organizer Melissa Gugni knows a good storage solution when she sees one, and she's a fan of Shayna's clever repurposing idea. 'I can see this being especially nice in a guest bathroom,' she explains. 'Having to roll the towels to make them look styled might be a bit too much maintenance for many people but if you like it, I say go for it. It does give it a hotel feel, and who doesn't love a luxe hotel?'

Ben Soreff of House to Home Organizing also stresses the importance of maintenance if you want to achieve a luxurious spa bathroom look, warning that it could get messy fast. 'My assumption is that at least one family member will throw towels on it and never roll them,' he says. 'That being said, if you're using the towels in a guest bathroom for decoration then it would probably be fine.'

If you're prepared to keep on top of your towels, or you're happy to opt for display-only hand towels to give your bathroom a hotel-worthy look, give this trick a go.


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