This under-bed storage basket from IKEA is the unsung hero of bedroom organization

This woven basket has a farmhouse feel, and its dimensions make it the perfect under-bed storage solution that still has style

IKEA wicker under bed storage
(Image credit: IKEA)

As we approach the end of the year, organization is on everyone's mind. We all want to enter 2024 in a fresh and decluttered space, especially in our bedroom which should act as our peaceful sanctuary away from the chaos of everyday life. But, as we speed towards January, you might feel unsure about how you can achieve such a transformational effect in your bedroom in so little time. 

Organizing and decluttering is a challenge at the best of times, not least of all when you're faced with a small bedroom. If you want to maximize your bedroom real estate you have to get creative with your storage solutions, and one oft-forgotten space is under the bed. The problem is, even in that dark abyss, there needs to be some element of order if you actually want to have access to the things you decide to keep there. 

Thankfully, IKEA has come to the rescue. This cute, farmhouse-themed storage basket is the perfect size for squirreling stuff away under your bed, and the experts love it, too. We reckon it's the ideal way to kickstart your bedroom organization ahead of 2024. Here's why. 

IKEA under bed storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

The TOLKNING unit from IKEA is a wicker underbed storage solution that comes lined with a cotton sheet for a farmhouse feel. For just $40, the rectangular shape is the most stylish under-bed storage container we've yet to see, but there's more to love than it's beauty alone. 

That's because the wicker structure isn't just for aesthetics - it has benefits for the items you store too. 'I recommend this IKEA under-the-bed storage because it is stylish, made with natural materials, and the fabric allows the items to "breathe" while still keeping them dust-free,' says Professional organizer, Di Ter Avest

When storing items under your bed it is essential to keep them properly protected, and having a lid helps keep moths and dust at bay. However, the cotton and wicker mix also allows the items to breathe, preventing them from going stale or developing musty smells. 

This is an all-around storage solution that's certainly not limited to under the bed, however, there are a few cases where it won't be appropriate. 'Just don't forget to make sure it will fit under your bed,' warns Di. 'Measure the under-the-bed space before buying solutions,' she says. Measuring 19 ¾ x 17 x 7 ½ inches, the IKEA storage box has dimensions that fit beneath the average bed height, but it is always best to check your individual needs. 

What should you store under a bed? 

under bed storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

In bedrooms where space is tight, the area under the bed becomes a valuable piece of real estate for storage (if you have a raised bed on legs, that is). 'Making the most of the unutilized spaces in your bedroom, such as the under-the-bed storage, can make a big difference in how you use your space and ensure you can get a good night of sleep and recharge your energy,' says Di. 

When it comes to how to organize a bedroom it's important to create a system that's considered and strategic. As Ben Soreff, professional organizer at House to Home Organization, points out, this means sparing a thought to what we keep under the bed. 'We want to put items we don't use often in more remote areas of our space to utilize space efficiently,' he says. 'Think seasonal stuff like sweaters and swimsuits. 'Additionally, under-the-bed bins can be great places to store off-season shoes and boots.' Conducting the seasonal closet swap is a great closet organization idea that will instantly open up more space and make you feel more organized. 

If the space beneath your bed is currently a disorganized pit of miscellaneous items, let this stylish storage basket be your answer. Use it and you'll never lose an item under there again! 

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