This universally loved $15 IKEA rug is finally available in the US, and it's a core feature of my Scandi bedroom

The understated rug makes the perfect foundation for virtually any floor

A neutral bedroom with a double bed , white sheets, and a neutral rug speckled with black threads on the floor
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When it comes to finding affordable furniture that doesn't sacrifice on style, IKEA is the place to shop. The Swedish homeware brand has international acclaim when it comes to the likes of storage solutions and versatile furniture, but one design area we rarely give it credit for is its soft textiles - specifically, its rugs. Now though, a seriously popular member of IKEA's rug roster has finally hit stores in the US after proving a sellout elsewhere, and I reckon it's a star buy worth shouting about. 

It's called the TIPHEDE, and while the name itself won't mean much to you, that really doesn't matter - its beauty and simplicity really do all the talking. This neutral rug epitomizes everything we love about the Scandi decor style, and I love it so much that it takes pride of place in my own bedroom. Made of 100% cotton, it feels understated and natural, and the neutral shade - peppered with black threads - makes the perfect foundation for your floor, whatever room you decide to use it in. And, if that wasn't enough, it will only set you back by a mere $15! Here's why I think it's the perfect piece of seasonal decor to upgrade your space this fall. 

The TIPHEDE makes a beautiful area rug 

A living room with bamboo seating and a neutral rug speckled with black threads on the floor

(Image credit: IKEA)

There are some IKEA products that earn themselves a sort of celebrity status in the world of design, such as the hackability of the renowned KALLAX unit, or the classic silhouette of the POÄNG chair. Lately, the TIPHEDE area rug is quickly reaching similar heights, proving a ubiquitous staple across homes worldwide. 

Its darker counterpart has been available in the US for some time and proved a popular hit, but most of us prefer something a little lighter when it comes to dressing our floors, especially when working with smaller spaces. Well, now that this light-toned version has been rolled out this side of the Atlantic, we can finally enjoy everything the TIPHEDE has to offer in that department. 

The versatile rug is made of cotton, in soft, neutral colors that fit right in. It’s perfect under your dining table, by your bed, or as your living room rug, and since it's machine washable, you can just throw it into your machine when it’s time for a fresh-up. The flat-woven surface makes it perfect for hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets alike, and it's even suitable for those with underfloor heating.

With its neutral color scheme and the brand's Swedish heritage, the TIPHEDE lends itself best to a pared-back Scandi style, but would also look right at home in a Mid-Century Modern space or even ultra minimalist schemes. 'Scandi style is all about longevity which also means classic, timeless design that goes with any style, era, and color scheme, and this simple yet highly functional rug is a perfect example of this,' says Niki Brantmark, founder of the blog My Scandinavian Home, and author of the Scandi inspired book, Njuta (available to pre-order at Amazon). 

'Versatile and easy-to-clean you can place it anywhere in your home and it would fall into place,' she adds. 'Combine it with earthy tones and lots of textural pieces for a calm Scandi-style living space that still oozes warmth.'

Why I love the TIPHEDE


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As a renter, I'm always on the hunt for affordable and versatile pieces that follow me through my many moves and fit seamlessly into any space, and this rug does just that. Right now, I use it as my bedroom rug where it acts as the perfect foundation for my understated, Scandi-inspired theme.

Measuring at 3' 11" x 5' 11", it's the perfect size to fit at the end of my double bed (with a foot of material layered underneath the bottom two legs, of course - a viral lesson in rug placement), but it would be equally ideal for complimenting a two or three seater sofa. For bigger spaces (and upsized sofas or beds, for example), it's also available in the larger size of 7' 3" x 9' 2".

The flat-woven style also means that it folds up compactly, making it easy to move around when I'm between homes, and, while I have found that the light material marks easily, I simply throw it in the wash on a hot sunny day. It's lasted me two years so far, and I expect it'll also see me through several more, at least. 

Like most rugs, it's recommended you use a rug pad for added safety. While not essential on carpeted floors, this is a must on laminate, wooden, or tiled flooring. IKEA's STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip (5'5"x7'9") is perfect for the job and can be trimmed to fit the length.

If you're looking to treat yourself to a new season decor buy that will still see you through years of use, let the neutral TIPHEDE be the latest gift for your home (and at just $15, no one could even dare argue against you). 

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