IKEA is Launching a New Pet Collection — With Some of the Best-Looking Beds for Cats and Dogs You'll Find Anywhere

Created with vets and approved by a panel of pets, this new collection not only does its job well, it looks amazing while doing it

a cat bed in shelving
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By now, we're used to heading to IKEA to pick up some treats for our homes and ourselves, but isn't there somebody you're forgetting? Yes, until now, IKEA's offering for pets has been a bit more incidental (think blankets that your dog ends up stealing, the sofa that your cat scratches up), but that's about to change.

IKEA recently teased their new UTSÅDD collection made for and with pets. This range has been expertly crafted with the help of veterinarians, pet care experts, and a panel of dogs and cats testing each product along the way. I think I speak on behalf of pet owners everywhere when I say that the only thing we love more than indulging in personal retail therapy is shopping for our furry friends at home. IKEA's new range combines the best of design with the coziest designs and the result is an extensive collection of pet products that your dogs and cats are bound to fall in love with.

Spanning 29 equally joyful animal-friendly products, IKEA's UTSÅDD range is due to hit the virtual (and real) aisles of IKEA on April 1st. It's been created with a focus on the four activities that pets spend their entire lives partaking in: eating, sleeping, playing and hiding. This collection is perfect for pet owners who are fans of "barkitecture" but don't have the time for a pet-centered remodel. Accessorizing your home with good-looking pet products is easier and far more affordable.

a dog relaxing in a bed

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A good night's rest for your pet also means a good night's rest for you. Lucky for us, IKEA's new drop has a range of cozy pet beds, blankets and pillows that suit both dogs and cats. The wicker pet beds are very cute but the soft round beds and the polka dot pillows happen to be our personal favorites. 'The fluffy round donut beds are something my dogs absolutely love,' Livingetc.com's editor Hugh Metcalf explains. 'They're supposed to be the perfect shape for dogs relaxing - mine was even billed as anti-anxiety for dogs - and they seem to love it.'

The UTSÅDD line has also introduced new easy-to-wash placemats and anti-slip feeding bowls that'll make suppertime all the more exciting.

The collection features plenty of products that are perfect for playtime including some adorable soft toys that are ring and bone shaped. But don't worry, they didn't forget about the cats. Scratching boards, mats and play tunnels are all featured in the latest UTSÅDD range. This collection makes sure that you no longer have to worry about your pets playing with your carefully curated home decor, since they have the ultimate toys to keep them company instead. The entire collection is designed with bright colors and modern designs, all listed within the reasonable price range that IKEA is known for. You no longer have to worry about stuffing aside your pet's favorite bits and bobs before a guest comes over. Let's just say that these are the kinds of pet products you wouldn't mind having on display in your living room.

Dog and cat playing

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Nearly 2 years in the making, the UTSÅDD range has already received heaps of comments from pet owners awaiting the big launch. Not only do all of these products work well with pets but they also look aesthetically pleasing.

We know how important that is, especially if you're like us and you're always looking to capture the best shots of your pets in their prime. However, if you aren't able to get to the IKEA collection in time or at all, we have curated a range of adorable pet-friendly purchases that will have your pets barking and meowing with glee.

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