This new $5 kitchen organizer from IKEA will practically double your cabinet space

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, IKEA's clip-on under-the-shelf rack might be the budget-friendly storage solution you need

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If there's one area of the home where extra storage will always be welcome, it's the kitchen. As our list of culinary gadgets grows with air fryers, juicers, and coffee machines now all permanent kitchen staples, storage is at a premium. As a result, we're all looking for clever solutions that maximize space while keeping our utensils organized, and IKEA is usually on hand to help.

One of the most simple and effective storage solutions hailed by professionals is the humble under-the-shelf organizer. From spice racks to wire baskets, there are a host of devices out there that make use of the otherwise wasted space beneath your cupboard shelves. 

Now, what if I told you there's a multi-purpose rack out there that can be used for either storing your stemware or kitchen roll, and it costs just $5? If there's one thing our friends at the Swedish powerhouse do well, it's effective and budget-friendly kitchen storage - here's why I think IKEA's clip-on under-the-shelf storage is a must-have if you're looking to utilize vertical space.

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Melissa Gugni

Melissa Gugni is a San Francisco-based organizer who pairs her vision for clutter-free homes with a clean, fresh aesthetic. As a mom, she recognizes the importance of creating a space that you're proud of but can live in, too. Alongside her work, she's contributed to many decluttering and organization articles sharing her expertise. 

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Part of the PÅLYCKE series, IKEA's clip-on multi-purpose rack simply fixes to a shelf to create space for wine glasses or kitchen roll, helping you to utilize every inch of space your kitchen has to offer. With a length of 11 3/4 inches, there's room for at least three wine glasses or one kitchen towel, keeping your kitchenware compact and easily accessible. 

'The PALYCKE product family is great for easy fixes since it can be installed on any shelf to make better use of the vertical space that is often underutilized,' explains Di Ter Avest, a professional home and lifestyle organizer and owner of Di is Organized. 'Maximizing vertical space allows you to find what you need without all the hassle of digging through everything you own to find something in the back of the cabinet and, by doing so, you also save time to do the things you love.'

The wire metal device is easily installed and can be attached anywhere along your shelves with the bendable mounting clip fitting most shelves with a thickness of between 5/8 to 3/4 inches. The slim clip also means your cabinet doors will still close easily. If space in your small kitchen is really limited, a group of racks stacked along the length of our cabinets makes a great alternative to storing glasses in cupboards where clinking glass can quickly lead to clutter. 

If you already have a designated drinks cabinet or stemware holder for your wine glasses, the PÅLYCKE clip-on rack can also be used as a kitchen roll holder as opposed to a free-standing base, helping to free up space on your kitchen countertops

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Not every expert is a fan, however. 'I have to say that I don't love it for wine glass storage,' says professional organizer Melissa Gugni. 'The way that it clips on is too obtrusive and it breaks the line of the shelf, so it looks messy to me.' 

If you want a minimalist, streamlined space, Melissa suggests stemware storage that mounts directly under the shelf for a cleaner look that lets you enjoy the design of the home bar idea and not the hardware. 'I love these super basic stemware holders from Amazon,' she says. 'They're super cheap and can be installed in whatever configuration your overhead space - and wine glass size or amount - requires.'

The best part? These stemware holders can be used both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to make the most of vertical storage in a way that makes sense for your setup. 'I find the horizontal option useful for folks that are nervous about knocking one off the rails while working below,' Melissa notes. 'I also love that they're easy to install and even renters can use them with little damage to the cabinets as they only take two small screws.' 

At just $8.95 for a pack of two racks, you also get more storage for your money. As Melissa sums up: 'Save money on the holders and splurge on the glasses (or better yet, the wine!)'

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