IKEA Just Announced a Colorful New Designer Collection — Including a Table Lamp We Think Will be a Sell Out

The unique items showcase the dynamic interaction between colors, form, and movement for playful patterns and quirky designs that promise to catch the eye

A living room with bright colored furnishings
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IKEA is synonymous with the simple Scandi style we all know and love. Typically, that means pared-back palettes with calming neutral shades, but not where their latest collection is concerned. This new limited-edition line is all about color, and lots of it. 

The TESAMMANS range, created in collaboration with Dutch design studio Raw Color, launches today from our favorite Swedish homeware brand. It uses unexpected shades and playful combinations for an unexpected yet harmonious palette. If you want to inject some bold hues into your home this season, you needn't look any further - these new furnishings represent dopamine decor of the highest order. 

'With TESAMMANS, we want to inspire people to express themselves and bring joy to their everyday lives,' says Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden. 'It’s a collaboration that enables people to add unique design pieces and create colorful spaces to reflect their personality, and Raw Color's unique creative approach has inspired and challenged us to work with colors in new ways.'

Comprising soft textiles, glassware, and small furniture pieces - all spanning an array of bright saturated hues - these new pieces master some of the latest interior design trends. The overarching theme, however, is one of color, with each piece putting a spotlight on how different shades interact with each other and surrounding objects for eye-catching illusory effects. Here we take a closer look at the most colorful IKEA collection yet and why it's the perfect way to dress your space this spring. 

What's new at IKEA? 

A dining table with three pendant shades and brightly colored furnishings

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Dopamine decor - a design emphasis on joyful color and self-expression - is the best way to uplift your interiors as we head into spring. Whether you're looking to inject a pop of color through small decorative items or want to go all out with some larger-scale furniture, this collection has you covered. 

The 18-piece line includes the likes of affordable carafes; bold pillows, rugs, and throws; unique lampshades; functional rolling carts; and a beautiful fluted side table. All items will be available for purchase from April 1 both in-store and online, with products ranging from $3-$250. 

Standout items include the TESAMMANS lampshades (pictured above) which come in two sizes and can either be hung as seen, or placed on a table lamp base. With a stacked design featuring three lampshades that transition from dark to lighter tones, different reflections are created as they catch the light for a unique, liminal look. Choose from two gradient options, red through to lilac or orange through to pale yellow. 

The shades are perhaps the perfect embodiment of what this latest collection represents. 'We've taken an experimental approach to exploring how colors can transform everyday objects, trying different combinations of shades and materials, playing with shapes that catch light in certain ways and by mixing bright, saturated tones with more muted ones,' explains Daniera ter Haar of Raw Color

A living room with a neutral sofa and brightly colorfed soft furnishings

(Image credit: IKEA)

The new range also has an 'other-worldly' theme, with an unfamiliar quality to the quirky items. Take the wall clock for example, an intriguing design that blends decorative art with engineering. The abstract arrangement features green, pink and blue circles with laser-cut slits which move to show hours, minutes, and seconds, introducing an interactive element with its constant motion. 

Another example is the storage unit on castors, which has a 'patchwork' feel to it with it's various hues. It demonstrates how Raw Color's vibrant palette and graphic lines marry the expertise of IKEA to create a functional standout piece. As it’s moved around in the home, the storage unit presents a moiré effect, a visual phenomenon where overlapping patterns create a new, wavy pattern, showcasing the dynamic interaction between colors, form, and movement.

Why is IKEA spotlighting color this season?

A bedroom with a neutral bed and colorful furnishings

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Gone are the days of bland colors and pared-back palettes at IKEA - this collection, like others in recent years, proves that the brand is embracing color in new, innovative ways. Raw Color’s design philosophy is centered around the transformative nature of color, and the TESAMMANS collaboration looks to embody just that. The pieces are designed to highlight how color can transform everyday objects, marrying bright shades with unique forms for clever illusory effects that add visual interest to the home. 

On a more basic level, however, this collection is a celebration of color. Whether you follow the latest color trends or prefer to feature a favorite tone in your home no matter what's in vogue, color has a positive impact on our well-being and brightens up our spaces. It has the power to evoke emotions and transform living spaces, and the visual expression of certain shades can change with the nuanced light and surrounding textures inside a home. 

'We have an emotional and intuitive approach to color, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other,' says Christoph Brach of Raw Color. 'Colors are never alone; they need company and it’s much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle.' 

And that's exactly what's achieved in the new TESAMMANS collection. If you want to bring some harmonious color into your space for a joyous style that's sure to catch the eye of any guest, be sure to shop the range while you can. 

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