This genius IKEA kitchen hack hides away an easy-to-use trash can in an otherwise awkward corner

Check out how this clever DIYer concealed her kitchen's trash can with this nifty trick

an ikea kitchen with a checkerboard floor
(Image credit: Rachael Cooney)

Trash cans are the necessary evil of every kitchen. They're often unsightly and enough to spoil the aesthetic of even the most stylish of kitchens. While trash can design has advanced considerably, and there are some acceptable options out there, they remain a hindrance that we wish we didn't have to deal with.

That's why we love this clever IKEA hack that makes your kitchen's trash can practically disappear. With a few simple changes, you can wave goodbye to the eyesore in the corner of your kitchen. After stumbling upon this DIY from Rachael Cooney, we were enthralled by its simplicity and practicality.

Rachael is an Instagram blogger who shares the journey of renovating her home and personal vintage farmhouse-chic style, including small DIY projects. We spoke to Rachael to find out more about her savvy hack, and crucially, learn how to recreate it at home. We think you'll love this idea just as much as us.

'When we were designing the kitchen, we really wanted the bin to be hidden away,' she says, 'it looks neater, helps keep smells contained, and minimizes clutter in what’s a fairly small space.'

However, in a small space, this was not a simple task and they were forced to get creative with an IKEA kitchen hack. 'The space was too shallow and too narrow for a conventional pull-out bin,' she explains. 'So instead we used a shallow 40cm IKEA cabinet and modified our Plykea cupboard.'

The result is this super efficient hidden bin that does its job without getting in the way of the overall design of the space. 'It's great having the bin hidden away and the design has proved very functional,' Rachael says. 'It’s so easy to lift the bin in and out, unlike a lot of stand-alone bins. We've never had any issues with smells which was a concern without a lid, especially as it was positioned right by the window and we have a separate food waste.'

'If we ever renovated again, we'd definitely look to replicate the idea - even better if we could squeeze the recycling in there too this time!'

How to recreate at home

This idea can easily be modified and adapted to any kitchen where you have a cupboard with a central handle, not just when renovating, therefore making it the perfect weekend DIY.

1. Hinge your cupboard door from the bottom instead of the side using the standard door hinges.

2. Attach a chain stop to on one side of the cupboard to secure it at the desired point. We would recommend testing the chain length with the depth of your trash can to ensure you give enough space.

3. Bend two metal plates into shape and attach them equidistance apart to the inside of the door to hold your trash can in place.

4. Now you can slide your trash can in, securing them onto the hooks. Et voila! You now have a bin that is completely hidden from sight.

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