This new IKEA collection is a budget-friendly take on one of my favorite luxe interior trends right now

IKEA has teamed up with designer Sabine Marcelis for a collection that draws inspiration from her iconic $2,000 doughnut chair

ikea sabine marcelis light
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There's a cool new shape making waves in the interiors world right now – the doughnut. It's something that's been on my design radar for a little while, after interiors brand Hem released a brilliant doughnut-shaped pouf last year that really captures a particular mood that's trending in interiors right now. 

When news of IKEA's latest designer collaboration dropped into my inbox, it instantly reminded me of this particular piece of furniture, and for good reason. IKEA has teamed up with the same designer, Rotterdam-based artist Sabine Marcelis, on this collection, with her now signature doughnut motif recurring for a stylish lamp and sleek glass serving ware. 

IKEA is well-known for its designer collaborations, having created collections with pioneering designers and artists including the likes of Ilse Crawford and Virgil Abloh, bringing their ideas and design ethos to the mass market, making their designs accessible to a greater number of people. 

That's what this limited edition VARMBLIXT does too. While Hem's Boa Pouf is likely to set you back around $2,000, this collaboration allows you to embrace this interior design trend with starting price points that won't make your bank manager wince. 

hugh metcalf
Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is's deputy editor, and an experienced interiors journalist. Here, he gives his verdict on the latest designer collaboration from Swedish super-brand IKEA. 

sabine marcelis boa poud

The Boa Pouf is a previous collaboration between Sabine and furniture brand Hem. 

(Image credit: Hem)

I'm viewing the doughnut as an evolution in the shapes we're using in our homes. Recently, interior design trends have been leaning into organic, fluid shapes, but with any trend, there comes a reaction, and we're starting to see designers look at more structured lines in new and exciting ways. 

The doughnut sits somewhere between the two. It incorporates the softness of curved lines, while still having a sense of clean-lined minimalism. 'I have this fascination and love with the doughnut shape,' Sabine said, when launching her pouf collaboration with Hem. 'It’s just such a perfectly complete and finite shape. Simple yet not boring. And the curve and void create a beautiful depth in almost all materials.'

a living room with a doughnut shaped pouf

@adenwang's living room features a Hem doughnut pouf as part of its modern pastel palette. 

(Image credit: @adenwang)

It's also a form that's contributing to some of the biggest online trends in design. It's a great shape to feed into the Y2K trend - echoing the fluid yet firm shapes that make up the furniture that define this era, especially in the Boa Pouf's sugary pastel color palette. It calls to mind viral sensations like the chunky serve ware and so-called 'bubble plates' that Gen Z design influencers are bringing into the spotlight, too.

What does Sabine's IKEA collaboration include? 

ikea x sabine marcelis

(Image credit: IKEA)

If you're looking to shop the doughnut trend in Sabine's IKEA collaboration, you'll find a table lamp and a large and small glass serveware as part of this collection. 

Interpreting this shape in glass brings a new quality to the form, as Sabine explains. 'When the light passes through the orange glass, it makes the soft doughnut-like shape shine with a warm glow,' Sabine explains. 'It’s a magical sight that catches the eye – regardless of whether it’s on a table or hanging on a wall.' 

IKEA drinking glasses

(Image credit: IKEA)

While these doughnuts may be the headlines, the collab is actually a 19-piece collection that includes drinking glasses, vases, coffee tables and LED lighting.

ikea new lighting collection

(Image credit: IKEA)

While the collection is a limited edition, the four pieces of lighting will remain in IKEA's core range, including the doughnut-shaped lamp, the pendant and wall lamp, and the mirrored wall lamp.

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