Add Houseplants to your Staircase with This Nifty Gadget — 'It's the Easiest Way to Decorate with Foliage!'

Up the ante with your houseplants with this device that allows you to hold plants in between railings

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Houseplants are an important tool in interior design. They can instantly make a space feel more alive and welcoming, a particularly important trait in an entryway or stairwell that can often feel lifeless and dull. That's why we love this nifty gadget that makes it possible to adorn a staircase or railing with houseplants.

There's no pressure to follow 2024's plant trends, simply placing some bushy foliage in a beautiful terracotta pot or hanging basket will do the job. However, in an area of high traffic and limited space, such as a staircase, this becomes more difficult. That's why users across social media are hailing this clever device as the ultimate solution. Discover why plant experts and designers alike love this tool, and how you can use it in your own home.

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your staircase and an inventive way to add foliage to your space, you're going to want to hear about Plant Traps. This clever tool allows you to attach your plant pots directly to your staircase spindles or railings.

The entryway is often small, so having a large pot isn't practical. With a Plant Trap, you can easily make use of the vertical space available and gain back that all-important floor real estate. This nifty contraption is a simple variation of the hanging balcony box.

The plant trap works by simply clipping onto your staircase rails and providing a slot for your houseplant pot. The simple frame seamlessly blends with your interiors and is practically invisible behind the foliage. Its small stature means they can easily be stacked next to each other to make a real statement with your foliage.

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So many homeowners are decorating with plants using this tool within their spaces - both outdoors and in. 'As I can see, this plant hack is becoming quite popular on social media,' says interior designer David Mason. 'There are many benefits of having plants in a space. They add life, color, and character to any room.' 

But it's not just the designers that love this genius gadget - it has the seal of approval from plant experts too. 'They're a wonderful invention,' says plant expert Dan Bailey. 'Hanging plants from the railing inside a house frees up so much space while still adding character to the area, and it can certainly add some color and life to a stairway. I'm going to have to get myself a few of those.'

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