Designers Love Gwyneth Paltrow's Backsplash for Creating an "Artistic, Mediterranean Feel" in Her Kitchen

We're crazy for both Goop and Gwyneth, so it should come as no surprise that we're drawing inspiration from her home, too

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I think we can all agree that there is no Hollywood icon like Gwyneth Paltrow. Your favorite actress could win an Oscar, but could your favorite actress start a million-dollar wellness brand? Gwyneth can, of course, do both. It's part of her magic.

And not only that, but Gwyneth can design the heck out of a space. Her cheeky humor and laid-back California attitude make for the best homes and rooms, which she proudly shows off on her Instagram.

Of course, as an avid Gwyneth lover, I am ready to like, comment on, and reshare any of her Instagram posts at any moment. And as a style editor at an interiors magazine, I'm also looking for any excuse to parlay that love into an article for our readers. Which brings us to today and a deep dive into Gwyneth's modern kitchen backsplash.

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For starters, Gwyneth's 'sleek cabinetry, traditional decor, and brass hardware make the kitchen seem more luxurious,' says Courtney Cole, an interior designer at Yabby. 'This, and the marble countertops, create a nice fusion between the luxury nature of her materials, high-end design, and functionality.'

There's no denying all of that — but as a design writer, I was particularly attracted to the tile kitchen backsplash that sits behind Gwyneth in the first few seconds of the reel.

Gwyneth's tile backsplash features 'ornate, ceramic tiles with a bold, blue and white design, Courtney tells me. 'Each tile showcases a traditional motif that has a combination of geometric and floral-like elements,' which creates an 'artistic and slightly Mediterranean or Moroccan feel.'

From an interior design POV, this kind of backsplash brings a 'serene and clean vibe to the kitchen,' Courtney continues. 'The minimalistic style is sophisticated and helps enhance the ambiance of the kitchen without overpowering some of the other design elements.'

The good news is that this chic, coastal look is actually quite easy to replicate if you're interested. For starters, you should 'choose tiles that have a similar blue and white design' to Gwyneth's, or ones that 'have a similar pattern to Mediterranean or Moroccan styles,' Courtney says. Next, lay the tiles out symmetrically to ensure the same 'cohesive and structured look' of the actress' backsplash. And finally, be sure to choose kitchen hardware that suits the tiling; 'If you are going for a similar blue, hardware with brass or black finishes will offer a nice contrast that doesn’t overwhelm you,' Courtney advises.

If ceramic or concrete tile isn't in the cards for you, you could easily replicate this look with a peel-and-stick option, instead. If you haven't tried or heard of peel-and-stick before, it's essentially a renter-friendly sheet of vinyl fashioned to look like high-gloss or matte tile. Application is geniunely as easy as peeling off the adhesive cover and sticking the sheet onto the wall. Peel and stick. If you're covering an oddly shaped space, you can trim the vinyl however you need. And when you're ready to move out or switch things up, removal should take seconds; just peel the vinyl off the wall, damage-free.

If you need a minute to digest this design idea I totally get it. But for any eager shoppers, I threw together a simple edit of some worthwhile ceramic/concrete tiles and peel-and-stick options to start your backsplash selection journey. Together, we can make Gwyneth proud.

Peel and Stick Kitchen Tile

Ceramic Kitchen Tile

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