This paint Color of the Year for 2024 sees a surprising shade re-emerge – and we're already on board

Is paint brand Glidden's Color of the Year the neutral that's replacing greige? Here's what our color experts say

Glidden color of the year warm neutral
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It's hard to escape the on-set of beige tones in interiors - a direct replacement for homes that were stuffed with grey. These so-called "warm neutrals" are softer, more organic, and more welcoming - what's not to love?

However, even within distinct color trends there can be an evolution, and when it comes to beiges, we're seeing a shift in undertone. The first transition from grey to beige resulted in the birth of "greige" - a duller toned beige with grey undertones, while other shades with red and green undertones have also enjoyed popularity. 

Paint brand Glidden's Color of the Year for 2024 has, however, taken this neutral shade in a different direction. And it's one that you might not have seen coming.  

What is Glidden's Color of the Year?

Glidden's color for 2024 is call "Limitless", a fresh take on what we would consider a neutral, imbuing beige with the power of yellow and offering something a little warmer than your classic greige. 

'We are entering a new era of explosive creativity and change,' says Glidden’s color expert, Ashley McCollum. 'Consumers are using color in even more unconventional ways than ever before and they need a palette that offers versatility to work with both new and existing décor,' she says.

Traditionally, we've shirked away from beiges with yellow undertones for one big reason, and it's name is Magnolia. Magnolia, which was once a feature of every home, has now become a sign of outdated and stale interiors. It was the defining color of the 80s, and although inoffensive was often described as a "nothing color". It's fair to say this yellow-toned neutral fell out of favor, hard. 

However, with the renaissance in decorating with neutrals, our own interiors experts had already predicted a move back towards this yellow-neutral tones. 'I'm calling it Magnolia 2.0,' says Hugh Metcalf, Livingetc's deputy editor. 'I've been seeing more and more modern homes embrace this shade, where once designers seemed actively afraid of it, and have even decorated some spaces with it myself. The resulting spaces have a really uplifting quality with them, especially when used in the right combinations with other shades.' 

Inspite of this color's perceived undertones, Glidden say it's versatile, bold, but anything but yellow. 'Limitless is a color that, as its name insinuates, offers limitless ways to use this color because it’s truly anything but yellow – it’s a fresh and energizing take on a neutral,' says Ashley.

This shade embodies many of the paint trends we identified for 2024, warm neutrals and honeyed tones are definitely here to stay. 

What colors go well with it?

warm neutral paint glidden limitless

(Image credit: Glidden)

Making this color work is all about the balance, so look to the best colors that go with beige for inspiration. 

'Limitless pairs equally well with warm and cool tones,' says Ashley, 'making it one of the most versatile colors you could go for.'

As a main color, it works for color drenching, but equally well as a supporting color. 'Limitless looks stunning with darker, bold colors such as Sweet Spiceberry (an earthy red), Cajun Spice (a rich terracotta), and Night Rendezvous (a grey-blue),' suggests color expert Ashley. Pairing it with different colors will transform the profile of Limitless, giving it a new level of intrigue.

If you have a statement couch or vibrant artwork Limitless could be the neutral you have been searching for. Blank enough to not compete with the striking couch or art, but strong enough to hold its own against other colors in the room.

Our favourite warm neutrals

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