Experts react to the color that could overtake green as the most popular shade of the year

Resist the green paintbrush until you hear about the latest shade that is set to be the most popular color of the season

Baby blue kitchen trend, pastel kitchen cabinets
(Image credit: 2LG Studio)

Green converts; look away now. We're at the dawn of a new kitchen color era, and it's set to become the most sought-after shade in the industry. While we still appreciate the organic allure of verdant green cabinetry, we're ready to welcome a soft new shade into our modern homes – a shade that is equally tranquil and perfect for the airy summer months – baby blue

This refreshing hue is set to take over our kitchen after Etsy named sky blue as its color of the year for 2021, after noting a 39% increase in searches for light blue homeware. So, we asked the people at the top of the home decor world to convert us to this pastel-infused shade – and whether it really can overtake green as the previously unrivaled color of the year. 

Baby blue kitchen trend

(Image credit: Rande Leaman)

What makes a baby blue kitchen so appealing? 

'Opting for pale, pastel blue shades in the kitchen can help create a soothing and calming atmosphere in what is often the most hard-working and busiest room in the house,' shares Rebecca Hughes, Founder of Rebecca Hughes Interiors

'This versatile color pairs well with marble, natural woods, and brass accessories to create a timeless and classic kitchen,' she adds. 

Rebecca's observations are further emphasized by the founder of the eponymously named kitchen manufacturers, Tom Howley, who equally celebrates this emerging shade. Tom, who frequently injects this hue throughout his signature kitchens, also recognizes how baby blue kitchens are 'highly-coveted and popular because they always look so fresh and clean.'

Baby blue kitchen trend

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

How should you bring blue into your kitchen?

If anybody knows about making blue work in a kitchen, it is Jordan and Russell from 2LG Studio. The designer duo, who have previously crafted a powder blue kitchen for a client in Kew, described the shade as 'more uplifting' than a regular 'soft blue' and brings 'calm skies to mind.' 

'We would pair a pale blue kitchen with dark worktops to ground it and layer in soft textures like terracotta and linen to continue the natural connection. It is good for the soul to feel a connection to nature, and this is a lovely way to bring the color into your home,' they suggest. 

'Combining blue kitchen cabinets with a white work surface and dusted oak interiors creates a warm, welcoming room,' Tom Howley also adds. 

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Baby blue kitchen trend

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Will baby blue threaten green as the trendiest kitchen color of the season?

It's the question on everybody's lips. Is the power of green wavering? While we still revel in green's emerald tones, we can't help but have an affair with this ultra-fresh and undeniably chic shade.

It seems Los Angeles-based designer Rande Leaman would agree, as she explains: 'Clients seem to be responding to the use of this color in their kitchens, and light blue is on course to overtake the popular green kitchen trend.' 

'Pale blues have a calming feel to them and remind people of the ocean and sky. This tone pairs well with fixtures in matte brass or polished nickel. I suggest using it on cabinetry or backsplash tiles. After the year we've had, everyone wants to feel relaxed and peaceful in their kitchen and their wider home,' the designer adds. 

Baby blue kitchen trend

(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors)

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However, the power of green remains supreme for Rebecca Hughes, who, despite her adoration for baby blue, stays true to the most admired color of the year. 

'I believe green kitchens will continue to remain popular throughout 2021 with the trend moving more towards a softer sage colorway, opposed to the dramatic dark emerald green we saw a lot of in 2020,' Rebecca explains. 

'Green is always a great color to work with as it provides a sense of bringing the outdoors in, which is great for your wellbeing,' she adds. 

Whichever side you choose, you can be sure that neither color will be going anywhere this summer. 

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