This artificial Christmas tree is the easiest way to decorate for the holidays (but designers are divided!)

This tree could be the answer to easy Christmas decor if you're strapped for time

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Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best parts about Christmas. All the lights, baubles, and wreaths make a home come alive, and dressing the tree is a great way to get the family together ahead of the festivities. Often, though, after you've done one room the excitement quickly fades. Putting a tree up requires a lot of energy and not all of us are big fans of Christmas, full stop. If you're looking for a more simple solution, we've got the answer. 

This nifty artificial tree can be found on Amazon for under $100, and it might be the answer to all your Christmas wishes. With it, Christmas decorating becomes easier than ever, and it's a low-effort way to introduce a bit of holiday spirit to every room of your home. We're warning you now, it's going to be divisive, but for those suffering from holiday fatigue, it will transform how you decorate your home this holiday season. 


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This artificial Christmas tree might look like a normal tree full of lights, tinsel, and baubles, but it is actually a fraud. This tree is a flat-pack and within a matter of seconds, you can unravel a fully decked-out tree without the need to spend hours on careful bauble placement. 

Home styling blogger Rachel Meaders (@rachel_meaders) shared this pop-up tree idea with her 2.3 million followers to a mixed response. Many were disgruntled by the idea of losing the precious tradition of decorating a tree with their family, however, there was an audience that praised its innovation. For those short on space and time, this presents a great alternative to your traditional options. Everything collapses for easy storage, making it ideal for those in apartments, and it makes it easy to introduce the festive spirit into your home in no time at all. We love this pre-lit pop-up tree from Amazon which is already decked out with all the glimmering baubles you could need.

Assembling this tree literally couldn't be any easier. All it requires is a moment to set up the central stand, and then unfold the outer skirt. What you're left with is a fully decorated tree ready to adorn any room. While you may not want to use this in your main living room and completely lose the process of decorating a tree, it could be a great option to use in other spaces in your home. If you're looking to create an extra cozy guest bedroom, for example, consider adding one of these to the corner for a seasonal welcome.

We know people will be divided on this idea, and it certainly won't be to everyone's taste, but we're certain it will be helpful to those of you looking for effortless decorating this Christmas.

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