This Digital Measuring Tape is Going Viral, and It Guarantees Accuracy During Your DIYs

Is it time to ditch the age-old measuring tapes in favor of a more modern one instead? The viral buy might have you convinced.

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I don't know about you but the one thing that fast-tracks a nervous breakdown is when I'm attempting a fun new DIY and I'm all done with the project only to realize I've got the measurements all wrong. Whether you're trying to map out space for your latest furniture purchase or trying to figure out the dimensions of your wall art, there's an easier way forward than struggling with reams of tape.

Unsurprisingly, the solution is a digital one. The modern tape measure will likely be the most reached-for tool in your DIY arsenal, so keep a look out for one in the Amazon's Prime Day sale. Even the experts seem to have this tool handy on projects and it's never seemed to fail them. So why not ditch the tangle-prone tape that quickly makes your drawers a mess and settle for one clever trusty gadget instead?

Digital Tape Measure for quick and efficient DIYs

As seen in the video above, this nifty little tool is essentially the digital counterpart to your regular physical measuring tape. Now, the problem with the basic measuring tapes is that you usually need another person to help you secure one side of the tape as you pull it apart to measure the space. Secondly, the moment you lose grip on the tape, you're back to square one. And thirdly, it's difficult to measure nooks, curves, and edges due to the rigidity of the tape.

So, naturally, we find the digital rendition of this measuring tool to be a better, upgraded alternative that's perfect for your living room DIY projects, and interior designer Elissa Hall agrees. 'The efficiency of a digital tape measure, such as the one showcased in the viral Instagram post, is quite remarkable,' she says. 'These tools streamline the measurement process, reducing the potential for human error and ensuring precise dimensions.'

Nick Chatzigeorgakis, founder of Intrabuild, also seems to be a fan of these digital tape measures. 'Digital tape measures have become an indispensable tool for my team,' says Nick. 'They offer unmatched accuracy, which is crucial when dealing with the intricate details of high-end renovations.'

As Nick also points out, this tool works especially well in buildings with irregular angles and non-standard dimensions. 'On a recent project, we used a digital tape measure and were able to quickly and accurately capture the unique measurements of the space, which traditional tape measures would have struggled with,' he says. 'Moreover, the ability of digital tape measures to store multiple readings has streamlined our workflow.'

Besides being a useful tool for hanging your living room wall art or planning your new furniture placement, professional organizers love how this digital tape measure can rid your home of tangled tape measures and substitute them for one reliable alternative. Kevin Connors, owner of Inspired Organizers, tells us that he was skeptical of this product at first, but has since been won over.

'I've tried using tape measure apps on my phone before and was unimpressed with their accuracy, but this device is both accurate and very user-friendly,' says Kevin. 'I use this product to measure everything from the inside dimensions of cabinets to the length of photos and picture frames.'

Kevin tells us that his favorite use for it is to measure long distances, like the length of an entire wall. 'This product really shines when used this way, where a traditional tape measure can bend or bind when you have to measure along any surface that isn't perfectly flat, or when there are obstructions that make a traditional tape measure less effective,' he notes. 'Long story short, this digital tape has replaced my other measuring tapes and I don't see a situation where a standard tape would do the job better.'

So the next time you've planned a weekend project, try out a digital tape measure and test it out for yourself. We're certain you'll be a fan, too.

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