David Beckham Has This Top-Rated Pizza Oven in his Outdoor Kitchen — And It's 25% Off at Amazon Today

Beckham loves to cook alfresco, and this outdoor gadget has pride of place in his backyard set-up

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In recent years, David Beckham has proved himself quite the homebody. A typical Dad of three sons (and of course, a daughter too) he seems to enjoy nothing more than tending to the garden, lounging with the family, and of course, cooking up a feast. And, like most of us during summer, alfresco meals trump indoor dining in the Beckham household.

Taking to his garden in a recent Instagram post, David showed off his culinary skills with a top-of-the-range pizza oven. The 8-in-1 electric model by Ninja, which you can find on Amazon, cooks pizzas in just three minutes, but you can also roast, broil, bake, and smoke with the various different functions. The best news? The exact model David uses is currently 25% off at Amazon, with a $100 saving. If you want to upgrade your outdoor kitchen idea in time for summer hosting, here's why the Ninja Woodfire pizza oven should be part of your plans.

There's nothing quite like cooking outside, but there's more to alfresco dining than grilling alone. Pizza ovens are all the rage right now, and the likes of David Beckham won't settle for anything less than the best.

Partnering with Ninja to promote the brand's Woodfire outdoor oven, David said: 'I love to be at home creating meals for my family either in the kitchen or cooking outside so I’m delighted to partner with Ninja to help bring greater awareness to their amazing products.'

So, what can you expect from this top-rated pizza oven? This electric outdoor oven has a wide temperature range of 105°F right up to 700°F for brick oven-inspired results without far less hassle. It does a lot more than a traditional kiln oven, too. From charring and caramelizing to broiling and baking, this oven does the lot. If you're still wondering if you should invest in a pizza oven, we're certain this one will sway you.

If you're wondering why it has the 'woodfire' title if it's electric, the answer is pellets. All you need to do is add 1/2 cup of pellets into the chamber for a smoky woodfired pizzas. Remember, they're used for flavor only - not fuel - so a little goes a long way.

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In recent years, pizza ovens have become a mainstay of our outdoor dining ideas thanks to their ease of use. 'After years of extensive consumer research, we uncovered the need for outdoor appliances that could provide versatility, worry-free BBQ smoking and traditional smokey flavors without the flame or guesswork in the outdoor space,' says Neil Shah, Chief Commercial Officer at SharkNinja. 'With the Ninja Woodfire™ Outdoor Oven, consumers can not only grill and smoke, but take their culinary experiences to new heights that go beyond what they could achieve with a traditional indoor oven.

'Pizza ovens are taking off because they allow people to enjoy delicious, restaurant-quality pizzas right at home,' adds Jason Farrell, small appliance expert and founder of Mechanic's Diary. 'The high temperatures recreate that authentic wood-fired taste that's hard to beat on a night with family and friends. Ovens these days have also gotten easier to use with features that control the heat so your pizza bakes to perfection every time.'

What should you look for in a pizza oven?

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If you're in the market for a pizza oven, there are a few things you out to have on your radar. According to Jason, you need to look for one that gets hot enough to crisp the crust - usually around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 'Ease of use is also key,' he adds. 'I don't want to fiddle with temperature knobs, I want to simply focus on making pizza!'

Luckily, Ninja's outdoor oven does just that. You can have beautiful pizzas at the touch of just one button and in as little as three minutes. 'Being able to not just make pizza but also roast meats, veggies and more with one appliance adds great value,' says Jason. 'I love that it reaches the ideal pizza baking temps while still being compact for limited outdoor space. With the preset options, folks of all cooking experience levels can get restaurant results. If someone is new to outdoor pizza oven cooking, the Ninja Woodfire seems like a great choice to make the process fun and simple.'

When it comes to pizza ovens vs grills, the more compact option really is worth its salt. But if you're not yet ready to wave goodbye to smoky barbecued meat, don't choose between one or the other. Pizza ovens are a great addition to your outdoor kitchen to supplement your existing appliances. The only extra advantage is that they're usually portable too, which makes them perfect for weekend getaways or camping trips.

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