Courtney Cox is selling her vintage decor online – and it's revealed the secret to her elevated home

Courtney Cox's taste in vintage design tells the story of her inviting, eclectic home, say interior designers

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As I was browsing through the latest additions on Chairish, I was surprised to find a selection of vintage items by the much-loved Friends superstar, Courtney Cox. Courtney has talked about her love of design before, mentioning that before moving to Hollywood, the actress had started architecture school. I have a real feeling we'll be seeing more and more of Courtney in the design space...

Looking through her shop, I am definitely sensing a bit of a preference for marble and linen, but then again there is quite a wide variety of styles especially from different eras and cultures. You have 18th-century side tables alongside mid-century lamps and 1970s chairs.

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It's a tactic that the best interior designers use to make homes feel gently layered and lived-in, without feeling too overplanned. Let's call it eclectic. 'Eclectic design wants a mix of styles that seamlessly work together without anything feeling overly designed,' Los-Angeles-based interior designer Kathryn Ireland tells us. 

Designer and stager Jason Saft agrees: ‘I find by embracing different styles and periods and experimenting with combining and juxtaposing them, I can create homes that look and feel as if they have been designed over a long period of time,’ he says. 

So now you know the secret to Courtney's home style, are you ready to shop her vintage decor? Quite the investment, these are the pieces that stood out for me. If you’re into antiques, Courtney Cox's online shop on Chairish might just be one to keep an eye on. 

How to shop for vintage like Courtney

Shopping for vintage isn't easy for the uninitiated, and finding the right pieces, at the right prices, relies on you taking the initiative. 'Research is really important when it comes to sourcing vintage,' interior designer and founder of The Expert Jake Arnold says. 'I recommend starting with high end galleries and seeing what pieces of various vintage designers resonate with you. From there, search those designers on other platforms and see what populates.' 

'Having knowledge when sourcing is really important so that you can differentiate between the good and the bad,' the designer adds. 

Top picks from Courtney's listings 

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