Chris Pratt's Kitchen Looks so Luxurious and Expensive for This Reason, Say Designers

This classic kitchen look has a timeless appeal that's loved by designers and celebs alike

Chris Pratt
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We love taking inspiration from our favorite celebrity homes, especially when they are this gorgeous. Guardians of the Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt, recently shared some candid images of his wife and children laughing around the kitchen island, and we were instantly drawn to the beautiful design. 

The Pratt family's modern kitchen is the perfect mix of style and practicality. It's luxurious without resembling a show kitchen, and you can tell it's used and well-loved. From one simple Instagram picture, we've gathered ample ideas for our next kitchen renovation. The only problem is, there are simply too many to pin down. 

To condense it all down, we asked professional kitchen designers for their take on what makes this kitchen look expensive and luxurious while still full of character, and which design features you should be considering in your space. Notebooks at the ready - you'll want to remember this.

You can instantly tell this is a beautiful kitchen at just a glance, however, with further inspection, you can also tell a lot of thought has gone into the design. To an untrained eye, you might be unable to pick out the specific features that make this kitchen feel Livingetc-worthy, so we asked designers to explain.

'First, those colors – not your run-of-the-mill beige and white,' says Barry Ganti, kitchen designer and the founder and owner of 7daykitchens. Creating an expensive-looking kitchen is all about finding the right color, and certain shades just exude luxe. 'We’re talking shades that are rich and creamy, like a top-notch latte,' says Barry. 'It’s a subtle touch, but man, does it make a difference - it’s like going from a basic tee to a nice, elaborate dress.'

The second thing that really grabs your attention is the striking countersplash with the moody grey grain, something we're already predicting will be a big trend for next year. 'In 2024, the countertop splash trend continues to captivate, offering an opportunity to infuse personality and style into kitchens,' says designer Kerrie Kelly, from Hestan.

The inclusion of a counter splash, where the same material from the counter is taken up the wall - a design idea that also features in Chrissy Teigen's kitchen - helps to create a seamless look. 'Coordinating cabinets, backsplashes, or countertop hues can accentuate this harmony, ensuring a unified ambiance that celebrates both functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen and adjoining dining space,' explains Kerrie.

Another important element that designers were eager to point out was the lighting. The strategic placement isn't just to top you losing a finger when cutting carrots, it plays an important role in making the kitchen look more expensive. 'Lighting in the kitchen can be a complete game changer,' says Barry. 'It changes it from "nice" to "who, who did your kitchen?"'

This kitchen has it all. Each element doesn't amount to much but, when paired together, it creates something quite wonderful. That's the key to creating a celebrity and designer-approved kitchen, and they're tips we'll certainly be carrying through to 2024.

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