Ashley Benson’s living room brings back a bold color combination we forgot that we loved

The actress isn't afraid to make a statement with her decor choices

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While many of us are contemplating how to make the most of minimalism while still keeping a cozy look, celebrities out there are decorating by their own rules. A case in point: Ashley Benson in her recent Instagram post where she’s happily enjoying the softness of her deep blue velvet sofa.

The sofa in and of itself is not what caught our eye though. It’s the combination of the blue velvet peppered with pink accents in her living room. The bright pink velvet of her dog’s bed and the scatter cushion next to her bring a bold color combination we once loved back to our attention, one that's fallen out of favor with the rising popularity of neutral color schemes. At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the two shades are a bit much, but an expert designer tells us pink and blue can absolutely look harmonious together - but on one condition. 

Is pink and blue a good combination for a living room?  

While blue and pink can work together and look beautiful in a living room, there is one rule you need to stick to if you want to make sure they don’t contrast too much. ‘For pink and blue to work harmoniously in a living room, I would choose muted tones,' says interior designer Ami McKay. 'Incorporating a vintage Turkish rug with faded pink and blue tones would be beautiful, and then extra of these colors through the accessories such as throw pillows.'

The surrounding textures in your space are also key elements to consider when decorating with color. 'Using pink and blue as accent colors with plenty of neutrals, wood furniture, plants, wicker or caning elements, amazing lighting, and natural materials creates a contemporary look,’ Ami explains. Her advice gives us the perfect recipe for mixing in color in an elegant, natural aesthetic. 

If, however, you prefer a more maximalist style, follow Ashley Benson’s example and sidestep the muted tones in favor of the bold and contrasting - she even brings in a leopard accent throw pillow for just the right touch of the animal print trend. Ultimately, interior design rules are there for guidance, and if strong color combinations are your thing and they bring you joy, go for it. If it works for Benson, it works for us too. 

Pink and blue buys for a chic living room 

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