Abigail Ahern reveals her tip for making a statement with the dead space above a wardrobe

The designer's ingenious tip will transform this bland bedroom space – for good

Abigail Ahern’s wardrobe tip
(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

Interior expert Abigail Ahern has already rewritten our conceptions of colors, patterns, and garden plants – but now she is re-shaping the most unexpected corner of our bedrooms, too. While we spend hours curating the rest of our modern homes, Abigail has highlighted the one place we often fail to decorate – the space above our wardrobes. 

Yes, we admit that the area above our wardrobes is bland – at best – and a disaster at worst – but she's here to change that. Speaking in an Instagram video, Abigail teaches us how to use the space to create an unexpected focal point in the most surprising of places, and we only wish we had known about her advice sooner.

Abigail Ahern’s wardrobe tip

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

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Abigail begins her demonstration by revealing the key accessory we need to make a statement on the top of our wardrobes – a basket.

'An easy trick is baskets – particularly baskets that have a break-up of color because they add a little bit more texture,' she begins. Abigail uses three baskets from French Connection that are not a solid color and features some all-important stripes. 

'Because the wardrobe is a solid piece of furniture, we need to break that up with something that isn't solid – even if it's something subtle like [a little bit of color] on the rim – it just means it is not a solid woven thing,' she shares. 

Abigail Ahern’s wardrobe tip

(Image credit: Future)

While these bold baskets can transform the area above our wardrobe, Abigail doesn't stop there. Instead, she suggests a simple tip that will elevate the space further and add an element of organic beauty into our interiors.

'You could take it a step further by trailing eucalyptus in the basket. It could probably take one, two, or even three stems,' Abigail explains while filling the basket with her eucalyptus plant (below). 

Abigail Ahern’s wardrobe tip, eucalyptus

(Image credit: Abigail Ahern)

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'Also, remember that if you're not going all the way around the vase or basket – you don't need to fill it in its entirety. Just fill the front because that is all you're going to see. It just looks so pretty and makes such a difference.'

It's oh so simple, stylish, and undeniably effective – and thanks to Abigail, we're saying goodbye to boring bedrooms for good.

Megan Slack

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