IKEA just launched its second installment of iconic re-releases, and the bright buys are perfect for fall dopamine dressing

This collection revisits some of the brand's most iconic pieces, reinventing them for the modern home

IKEA new collection
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After the success of their first collection earlier this year, IKEA has announced the next installation of the Nytillverkad collection, Drop II. In it, they've continued to revisit some of the brand's most iconic creations and reinvented them in new colors and textures - it's the same reliability you expect from the brand, but with an added layer of fun.

It's all in the name of celebrating the brand's 80th year. Drawing on decades of rich design heritage, the collection picks out some of IKEA's most popular designs, but in a style suitable for the contemporary home. The influence of the 70s and early 80s aesthetic is instantly recognizable, but we also see some bold uses of color that stray from IKEA's more traditional Scandi aesthetic.

So, if you're looking for some dopamine-dressing decor as we head into fall, then look no further. This collection puts a playful twist on some of the latest interior design trends, in a spectrum of brilliantly bold colors that are sure to fill your space with joy.

What's new at IKEA

This collection certainly isn't for the minimalists out there. It's clear IKEA is branching out of its typical Scandi oatmeal-colored vibes to embrace maximalism and a more eclectic style with this collection. Although color isn't in their traditional repertoire, the pieces they've chosen to re-release look so good in vibrant shades that dopamine dressing is definitely on the cards.

The principle idea behind the new launch is IKEA embracing its design past and reimaging it for the present day. Every one of the 12 pieces has been given a contemporary twist that pairs practicality with beauty, a characteristic that's synonymous with the brand. Esteemed designers such as Niels Gammelgaard, Bent Gantzel-Boysen, Sven Fristedt, and Inez Svensson have been reflected in the collection - their innovations standing the test of time, whilst the new boldened colors encourage self-expression and creativity in the home. 

'The Nytillverkad collection blends classic designs with modern standards,' says Johan Ejdemo, Global Design Manager of IKEA of Sweden. 'And it is all about simplicity, functionality, bold expression, and playfulness – just like IKEA!'

IKEA orange Skalboda chair

(Image credit: IKEA)

One of our favorite pieces from the collection is the SKÅLBODA armchair. Designed by Niels Gammelgaard in the early 80s, this piece looks as contemporary as it did when first released. 'If the design is good and the next generation still finds it trendy, then we have succeeded,' Gammerlgaard says. 'I think we have succeeded with this chair. And I’m very proud, forty years later.'

The new release is a welcomed dose of color, while the minimalist structural design mirrors many of the biggest interior trends we are loving now (a theme that runs through the collection). 

IKEA JÄRLÅSA side table

(Image credit: IKEA)

The JÄRLÅSA side table was a staple in many people's homes for years. First introduced in 1984, the table has been redesigned with a reinforced foldable construction, making it even more practical than the first iteration. It's the epitome of style meeting practicality.

If you're looking to decorate with color consider adding one to your kitchen. The side table has been released in a statement red, perfect for injecting some color into the more drab areas of your home. Despite its bold shade, we think the piece is actually perfect for more minimalist schemes, too, since the clean lines blend into the environment and the shelves provide ample space for organization. 

IKEA new print

(Image credit: IKEA)

The Nytillverkad collection also reintroduces the SVEDJENÄVA print and the iconic NICKFIBBLA pattern by Inez Svensson. The abstract print is available in cushion covers and pre-cut fabric for you to use across your home as you wish. 

If you're a lover of neutral IKEA furniture but want to lean into a more maximalist approach to design, try incorporating these textiles into your setup in small doses. Surprisingly, there are many colors that go with orange, making it an easy one to work with.

The second drop of the Nytillverkad collection is available in stores and online now. If you see something that grabs your eye, make sure to get it whilst you can. We have a strong feeling this nostalgic collection will be a sell-out.

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