Every home renovator needs this DIY tool for perfect mitered corners, and it's just $30 from Amazon

This tool promises perfectly mitered edges every time and it couldn't be easier to use

Molding used as a decorative tool on the walls of a living room
(Image credit: Joan Porcel. Design: Kyle May, Architect)

There's no hiding from the fact that renovating is expensive and costs can quickly spiral out of control. If you're at the beginning of your project, you probably want to DIY as much of it as possible in order to save some pennies, but while tearing up carpets is one thing, trying your hand at your own joinery is another. You'd be forgiven for thinking that adding mitered molding ideas to your walls or furniture is beyond your skill set, but with this clever DIY tool, you can think again.

Decorating with molding - whether on the ceiling, as wall paneling, or as a detail on doors and drawers - can instantly elevate a room. Anywhere where corners are involved, these molding ideas will feature beautifully sleek mitered edges, but without a professional cutting service or a miter saw you won't be able to get them precise. 

Unless, that is, you own one of these genius DIY tools that makes it possible to make your own in no time. This tool will be a revelation to anyone currently struggling to cut angled edges that match together seamlessly, and you can buy one from Amazon for just $30. Here's why we think it's a gadget that every home renovator needs. 

minimalist living room with brown marbled fireplace and grey brick wall

(Image credit: Jenn Verrier. Design by Fowlkes Studio)

These handy little miter shears, available from Amazon, take the hassle out of cutting materials at an angle to achieve a perfectly aligned join. They might look overly complicated but in reality, they are super easy to use. Many of our favorite DIY influencers swear by them for their hacks, upcycling tasks, and living room DIY projects

The shear has a jaw with right and left and incised markings for 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°and 135°, making it easy to see how your pieces will match up. This cuts out the time you would have spent calculating and measuring your materials and guarantees the perfect match.

So, how do you use them? Simply choose the angle of your cut with the easy-to-use toggle and slide your material into the shears and cut. Complete this with the other piece with the angle to match on the other side and you are left with two pieces that slot together perfectly.


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Another reason this tool is so amazing is because of just how versatile it is. There are so many ways you can utilize this tool in your small DIY projects and IKEA hacks, as well as larger renovations. One way we envision using this tool is on plastic raceways to effortlessly cover the wires running along our walls. Cable covers are a great way to hide cables until they get to a corner, where there is often a little gap between the two joining pieces. Say goodbye to that awkward join by cutting matching angles that continue around the corner seamlessly. 

A DIY trend we saw go viral earlier this year is wall paneling. We love how this simple trick instantly elevates a room, and this tool can be used to make it far easier. Your wooden casings can quickly and easily be cut to size ready to adorn your wall, and the tool works effectively with softwoods up to 3/4" in size. Basically, it's ideal for snipping moldings, dowel, and rods that are too hard for scissors, yet too small for a saw. 

So there you have it - mitered details are definitely something you can DIY without having to call in professionals, and it's all thanks to this tool. We love a DIY that looks just as good as if you'd paid for it, and at just $30, we think anyone who loves a good DIY should invest in a pair of these shears. 

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