6 Plants That Professional Stagers Say Will Actually Help You Sell Your Home

if you're tired of waiting for someone to make you an offer on your home, injecting some leafy green plants may be the secret to finding a buyer…

Olive tree in the corner of a bright living room
(Image credit: Steph Everett / Urban Staging)

Styling a home is unique for everybody, so when you decide to sell up and move on, how do you ensure it’s got that little something that everybody can relate to? One thing that certainly seems to work is the addition of a little greenery – it can definitely transform a space and make it feel more fresh.

‘Large, leafy plants make us feel like we’re on vacation, while also grounding us in our natural element.’ says Amanda Wiss, Founder of NYC-based home staging company Urban Staging. Wellness is a top priority for us all these days, so it’s always a good idea to bring a little of the outside into our homes, a space will automatically feel more full of life when decorating with plants; they really can complete a space.

1. Bird of Paradise

a bird of paradise plant in a room

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These large exotic leafy plants are perhaps the most popular choice according to Amanda Wiss, as they give the stately size of a palm tree, while keeping a contained and neat flourish. 

The glossy paddle-shaped leaves give good sized organic shapes of green bursting out at different angles, making it ideal for a lush indoor garden. It’s a whole load of energy that will bring a space to life.

2. Olive trees

Olive tree in the corner of a bright living room

(Image credit: Steph Everett / Urban Staging)

Who doesn't love an olive tree? They're one of the best indoor trees as they exude sophistication in any space. A strong reminder of the sun, the darker green leaves are delicate and complement most settings with a rustic organic trunk. 

They are available in a whole plethora of sizes, and often sit with subtlety, so flexible to the space you have. There are some good faux versions out there, but there’s nothing quite having the real deal.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plant in bathroom

(Image credit: Steph Everett / Urban Staging)

Again, whether real or fake, a couple of eucalyptus branches can bring an organic element to bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. ‘As eucalyptus reminds us of wellness and care, they are the most versatile table plant to bring to a staging for that warm, inviting feel,’ says Amanda.

Our pick? Go for real eucalyptus, and let it dry out. Dried eucalyptus lasts a surprisingly long time, and feels a bit more organic than artificial stems.

4. Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)

a monstera plant in a white room

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A Monstera Deliciosa, commonly known as a Swiss cheese plant due to the holes they create in their leaves as they mature, are a highly popular option as they like bright indirect light and can adjust to different environments fairly easily.

They are pretty low maintenance but give maximum impact with their vibrancy and size, making it the ideal houseplant for beginners. A Monstera is easily positioned in a corner of a room adding a large shot of energy.

5. Ravenea rivularis (Majesty Palm plant)

parlor palm tree in black and white living room

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

A tropical tree, native to Madagascar, certainly brings a naturally wild vibe to a home. Its slow-growing nature means less maintenance, making it a great indoor palm tree choice, and its rareness in the wild gives a much more valuable, precious aura. However, Amanda suggests, 'Their faux counterparts are equally realistic and stunning these days, so you could use them anywhere. They fill space in empty corners and bring some sunshine to any room they’re in.'

6. Fiddle-leaf fig

a neutral space with a large fiddle leaf fig in it

(Image credit: Luke Arthur Wells)

This is certainly one you will have seen featured about dreamy homes on Instagram. Native to tropical parts of Africa, they thrive in warm, wet conditions which make them slightly trickier to look after, but once you get the conditions right they’re pretty hardy.

‘I love placing plants and greenery in my client projects.  They add a sense of nature and bring the outdoors inside. Organic greenery like a fiddle leaf fig adds another layer to a room,' says Perry Walter, Interior Designer and Founder of Walter Studio Interior Design. 'You can even go with simple palm leaves for visual interest.'

One thing to remember with these, is to make sure you rotate them every few days or so, allowing an even growth all round. The full and frilly edged leaf will add so much to a space.

A small bathroom with plants

(Image credit: Robert Peterson. Design: Walter Studio Interior Design)

You don’t necessarily need to stick to the plants mentioned above, depending on how tame or how wild you feel, these are good options if you’re unsure of where to begin. Styling a sprig or two of any greenery will allow a room to feel a little less flat, and the bigger you go, the more of a transformation you could make. Once you’re ready to go ahead, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, the proportions of plant to space, then how many plants is enough for each space, and be sure to choose the right pot for the plant size as well as the size of the room it’s living in. If you decide on real over faux, check which environments of light and heat are needed for each individual plant to ensure a long and healthy life. It’s a small price to pay for a potentially hefty profit. You’ll have sold up in no time at all!

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