Nate Berkus's Kitchen Uses a Cabinet Front Trend That's Such an Interesting Alternative to Glass

Designers love this cabinet trend for a contemporary cottage-core feel, and it's set to be a big trend in 2024

wire cabinets in a dining room
(Image credit: Jeremiah Brent Design, Photography: Kelly Marshall))

Nate Berkus is the sort of interior designer we always want on our radar. His exquisite taste is instantly recognizable and provides endless inspiration for our own designs. The master of neutral decor often shares snaps of his personal home - which he shares with his design partner Jerimiah Brent - over on Instagram and, most recently, it's his stunning kitchen that's caught our attention. 

Nate's design style is undeniably modern, with a lived-in charm that oozes character. The stylish open-plan kitchen diner is a contemporary take on a cottagecore feel featuring large vintage-style cabinets, rustic wood finishes, and soft muted tones, but it's the wire mesh cabinet fronts that really made us look twice. 

Designers have noted how this wire meshing is set to be a big kitchen trend this year and, better still, it's a great way to transform your kitchen without any structural work or costly renovations. We think it might even convince you to switch out your current cabinet fronts in your modern kitchen to achieve a similar look in your home. 

Wire mesh has been somewhat neglected in the interior world. It's an incredibly durable and versatile material that's been intrinsically linked to a rustic kitchen aesthetic — a label it's been unable to drop until now. Nate Berkus has proven that this material is anything but dated by giving it a contemporary twist in his stylish kitchen. 

'The designs and style options of wire mesh, as well as the vast colors available, have grown in abundance over the years and in turn, allow designers to create interesting and unique vignettes within kitchen cabinetry,' says Caroline Thomas, Director of Special Projects at Christopher Architecture & Interiors. There are so many kitchen cabinet styles to choose from, and adding a feature mesh wire cabinet can help to create a statement, break up the monotony, and contribute to a more airy feel. 

modern kitchen design, featuring marble and curtain skirts

(Image credit: Jeremiah Brent, Photography: Kelly Marshall)

The mesh wire also has a practical benefit, as well as an aesthetic one. 'With tall ceilings, using wire mesh on top-tier upper cabinets allows the homeowner to store items not used daily in a functional and visibly yet charming manner,' says Caroline. 

Although the style has previously been more closely associated with a cottagecore style, Designer Artem Kropovinsky praises their versatility. 'What's tremendous about the wire cabinets is their flexibility,' says Artem. 'They can be included in numerous kitchen patterns, making them look great for all types of interiors,' he says.

The material adds an unlikely texture that juxtaposes with other kitchen elements to create a visually interesting appeal. 'Using wire cabinets provides a distinct type of texture to the kitchen,' Artem goes on to explain. 'They go truly well with clean surfaces like countertops or cutting-edge kitchen appliances, becoming an interesting visual element to the overall layout.' It adds an almost antique European feel to the space that's both elegant and timeless.

mesh wire cabinets

(Image credit: Inspired Interiors)

Nate's version of the mesh wire cabinets offers a nod to the modern farmhouse kitchen style, but it can also be used in a very modern way. The kitchen above displays a modern twist on the cabinet style that feels so luxurious with the complimentary dark color scheme. 'We believe that incorporating metallic wire accents into a space introduces a sense of sophistication and elegance,' says Emily Mackie, owner and principal designer at Inspired Interiors.

'Opting for Banker Wire as cabinet inserts allows us to elevate the aesthetic appeal and ventilation while steering clear of a mundane look,' Emily goes on to explain. 'We believe it's a great trend to allow airflow and light transmission in a new, different, and architecturally appealing way.' This sleeker style of wire makes the trend applicable to a whole host of other kitchen styles, too.

There's no doubt that the mesh wire cabinets displayed in Nate's gorgeous home are set to be big this year. It can have the most transformative effect on the overall look of your space without the need for big structural changes. Try switching out a cupboard front for a mesh insert or using the trend in small ways to bring your kitchen up to date for 2024. 

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