This incredible arched range hood sees the marble kitchen trend taken to the next level

A bookmatched marble hood creates a striking contrast to the soft neutral scheme throughout the rest of this kitchen

a wood and marble kitchen with an arched hood
(Image credit: Erick Kruk. Design: Cdot Design Studio)

Marble makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen. You might have a marble countertop, a backsplash or even marble floor tiles, but these Arizona-based designers have raised their marble game another level with an incredible book-matched feature.

This gorgeous home sits in the sun-soaked Paradise Valley in Arizona. After purchasing what was a rundown property, the homeowners wanted to transform the home into a luxurious yet practical space for them and their three children.  

Having completely gutted and redesigned the dated property, they enrolled the help of Cdot Design Studio where founder Carrie Hupp and senior designer Chelsea Duran stepped in to work on an amazing arched marble cooker hood for this modern kitchen

However, it's the one feature in this space that almost didn't happen. 'When budgets came back it was a big price tag and was almost the first thing to get value-engineered out,' explains Carrie. 'But, when the news finally made it to our design team we quickly offered up several trades just to keep this marble arched hood in the project. We felt so strongly that this was the moment any future homeowner would fall in love with. So with some convincing and value engineering in other places, it was back in and no one ever looked back.' 

So, was it worth it? Take a look for yourself as Carrie walks us through this beautiful design feature. 

a marble and wood kitchen

(Image credit: Erick Kruk. Design: Cdot Design Studio)

When peering through the arched doorway in the family room you're met with a view into the kitchen which frames the magnificent marble arch hood, the focal point of the space. 

'We knew the house needed to be a soft modern Spanish style home with a warm desert vibe because there were already some arched elements on the site,' explains Carrie. 'With this in mind, we decided to create a layered experience of archways from room to room in the common areas, which is how the arched hood was born.'

The patio doors add another arched element into to the design, but it's not the only other element. 'As you turn the opposite way we framed out another arch to create a moment for the perfect art ledge,' the Cdot Design Studio designer adds. 'This, with the range hood, bookend the heart of the house but draw you from one space to the next.'

a modern wood and marble kitchen

(Image credit: Erick Kruk. Design: Cdot Design Studio)

The curved lines of the arch marry beautifully with the fluted kitchen island and cabinetry to create a soft and natural feel. Likewise, the neutral color scheme and use of wooden materials result in a calming space while also elegantly contrasting with the white of the marble hood and countertop.

Speaking of their use of materials, Carrie of Cdot Design Studio says: 'It was very clear that this house needed something over-the-top but in the most organic way. Marble was the clear choice, and book matched marble at that.'

However, she was conscious to avoid the marble appearing too harsh and cold next to the softer wooden finishes. She also wanted to match the feel of the furnishings to the home's natural surroundings, too. 'We wanted a marble that had warm tones to keep the space feeling indigenous to the desert landscape outside. We went with an Arabescato Moon Marble.'

a wood and marble kitchen with an arched hood

(Image credit: Erick Kruk. Design: Cdot Design Studio)

Carrie and Chelsea hoped to not only clad the face of the hood but wrap the inside of the arch so it would merge with the kitchen backsplash, but the arch was too tight and the work would mean stepping over budget. 'It was decided we would apply the marble to the face instead and have a clean smooth edge run along the inside of the arch,' says Carrie. 

It's a decision she's glad was made in the end. 'It allowed us to achieve the returns at the outside corners, which turned out beautifully,' she explains. 'We also wanted the marble to have a honed finish to help conceal the natural etching that happens on marble as it ages with use,' she adds. 'We selected a honed leathered finish that gave it the perfect worn-in look, with a beefy two-inch mitered edge.'

'I couldn't have been happier to hand over the project to this sweet family,' Carrie reflects. 'I know they love the finished house as much as everyone on our team does.' 

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