This Viral Hack Keeps Your Flowers Fresher for Longer (and You Already Have Everything You Need at Home)

This one simple switch to your flower prep routine is said to keep your bouquet fresh for an extra two weeks. And it takes just seconds to execute

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Now that we've made it to the 'May flowers' portion of the year, it's time to give our blooms the attention they deserve. Gardening is not nearly as fun when the April showers are threatening a dreaded warm-weather cold, so you can't be blamed for putting it off until now. But it should be majority sunny days from here on out, so we're pivoting our attention to greenery and florals for the foreseeable future.

Here's the thing, however: we don't all have a garden to tend to. No, many of us are city dwellers, meaning the only 'greenhouse' we can access is one we can fit on our windowsill. As a result, the only 'May flowers' we're enjoying are those we can buy at the grocery store or bodega. Sure, we can dream about blooming gardens, but until we drop the apartment living and acquiesce to the suburbs, a vase of blooms is as close as we're getting to a plant nursery of our own.

As such, it tracks that we'd want to keep these supermarket bouquets alive for as long as possible, if only to cosplay the joy and fulfillment that comes from tending to something that's not yourself. True home gardeners cultivate this feeling in spades (pun absolutely intended), but we metropolitan mavens deserve a bit of that, too. But other than always buying the longest lasting flowers, what's the solution?

Well, thanks to the geniuses on social media, we could be one step closer. If you didn't already know, it is best practice to trim the stems of your flowers before tossing them into a vase. This is because the end of a stem dies out after a flower is picked, meaning it's quite tough and dense by the time you buy the bouquet. A subtle trim freshens things up and ensures the flower can easily 'drink' all its necessary nutrients while on display in the vase.

However, it seems it's best to execute this trim while the stems of the flowers are already underwater — at least according to content creator and homes enthusiast Nicole Jaques.

Trimming a flower above water creates an air pocket within the stem, a blockage that might prevent the flower from absorbing nutrients, Nicole says. But if you cut your store-bought flowers when they're already underwater, you reduce the risk of air pockets, consequently prolonging your bouquet's lifespan by up to two weeks. Now that's a hack worth knowing.

You might disagree — we're sure there are lots of competing ideas out there — but we can't imagine something like this would hurt. Why not give it a try then? Our team certainly will be.

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