This One Flower Makes the Perfect Whimsical Touch to Your Backyard if You Want a Cottage Garden Feel

Enchanting and rather eye-catching — here's how to grow these mysterious daisy-like blooms for a magical touch to your backyard

A garden with fleabane/erigeron
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This season is all about tapping into your niche and creating a space that feels unabashedly true to you. And that goes for every space, from the interiors all the way out to the exteriors.

So when we found ourselves feeling comforted by a video of these pretty little flowers, we simply had to tap into our network of professionals and find out what the hype's all about.

Not only are they flowers that bloom in summer, but they're also incredibly low-maintenance and fast to grow. This is the kind of flower that'll have you spending more time outdoors, reading your favorite book, sipping on a refreshing drink or even just daydreaming in the sunshine.

The ever so whimsical fleabane flower

A garden with fleabane/erigeron

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Whether you know them as fleabane, erigeron, or just as the mysterious little flowers you've admired in the past, these flowers are a subtle yet stunning addition to any garden.

Allison Jacob, plant expert at Trimmed Roots, tells us that she finds fleabane flowers to be seriously charming. 'Their delicate petals come in white, pink, or lavender, all surrounding a sunny yellow center,' she explains.

'They're perfect for cottage-core gardens because they bloom profusely and flower for months on end,' notes Allison. 'They also tend to spread naturally, filling your garden with heaps of whimsy.' Plus, Allison finds that these flowers are perfect if you're interested in wildlife gardening since bees and butterflies love them.

Planting expert and founder at Salcorp Landscaping, Sal Musto tells us that fleabane is deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and pest-resistant, requiring little care beyond occasional watering. 'I recommend fleabane to clients looking for a fuss-free flower that will brighten up their yard with minimal work required,' he says.

So if you've been on the lookout for low-maintenance garden ideas, fleabane might just be the floral gift you've needed all along.

How to grow fleabane

flebane flowers planted in a garden bed

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According to Allison, fleabane is one of the best flowers for beginner gardeners who are just getting into nurturing their own blooms.

'Once you're ready to grow your own patch of magic, find a sunny spot in your yard,' she says. 'This is important since fleabane loves to soak up the rays, so pick a place that gets plenty of sunshine.'

Then, Allison recommends planting the seeds in well-draining soil and treating them to water regularly, up until they're settled in. Once they start to sprout, she finds that these tough little plants handle dry spells like champs.

Sal explains that the simplicity of fleabane is what appeals to most gardeners. And so according to Sal, there's not much to do besides scattering the seeds and watering the space. 'Within a couple of weeks, you'll have a sea of bright yellow blooms to enjoy all summer long,' he says.

How to care for fleabane

A garden with fleabane/erigeron

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In conversation with Allison, she mentions that fleabane generally do well enough when left to thrive on their own. However, she does have a special trick to ensure that they bloom with ease. 'My pro tip for cultivating flourishing fleabane is to make sure the soil drains easily,' she says. 'If it's heavy clay, I recommend mixing in some compost to help it along.'

Sal also has a trick — he employs and recommends that gardeners treat their fleabane to a dose of fertilizer before the blooms appear for best results. 'This flower does best in zones 5-9 but can still grow in varied conditions,' he says.

With the sheer ease of it all and the generous reward in flowers, fleabane is one of the most beautiful flowers to plant now for a soon-to-be colorful, dainty garden.


What to grow with fleabane for a whimsical gardenscape

To create a true cottagecore wonderland, Allison recommends pairing your fleabane with other whimsical flowers. 'Think classic cottage garden favorites like lavender, roses, foxgloves, and hollyhocks,' she says. 'Add in some towering delphiniums, lush peonies, and cheerful cosmos.'

Allison also suggests including a couple of sweet peas climbing up a rustic trellis. 'This mix of colors, heights, and textures will give your garden that storybook feel,' she notes.

How can I keep fleabane healthy and thriving?

Feeding your fleabane with a touch of fertilizer pre-blooms and showering them in water every now and then is about all you need to do to care for these flowers.

They're extremely hardy and require very little upkeep otherwise.

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