Firepit Landscaping Ideas — 6 Ways to Design Your Backyard Around Your Outdoor Fire

Wondering how to create a warm and welcoming space around your firepit? Here are some of our favorite landscaping ideas you can take inspiration from

outdoor fireplace with four round wicker chairs facing a central firepit
(Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design)

Outdoor living spaces are an important part of any home and the right firepit landscaping ideas are what can make these areas feel cozy, especially come cooler summer evenings.

However, the best yards don't just have firepits, they're brilliantly designed around them. From chic swimming pools around the fireplace to minimalist layers that wrap around it – whatever your preference may be, with the right firepit ideas, you can make it the focal point of your yard, so you can embrace it in all its glory with your family and friends.

When it comes to choosing how you want to design your firepit, we know it takes a lot of thought and time. Architect and designer Ayesha Erkin says cohesion around a space in important, especially the fireplace. 'The outdoor space of a residence is an extension of the indoor space,' Ayesha says. 'Having a storyline in the materiality as well as a flow that leads you naturally to the firepit will make you feel the warmth of a space before the fire has even been lit.'

Now, without further ado, in order to make things a little easier for you on your design journey, we’ve put together a list of stylish firepit landscaping ideas that will elevate your backyard.

1. Create a multifunctional fireplace

A stone firepit lit up as the sun begins to set

(Image credit: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture/ Whit Preston)

Now, who said you can’t grill some of your favorite foods while cozying up to the warmth of a fireplace? This multifunctional firepit designed by Tim Cuppett from Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture and Interior Design, stood out to me for its simple, yet breath-taking style.

For this outdoor firepit, Tim tells us, ‘the client asked for an area to house an Argentinian gaucho grill. The resulting fireplace is an alcove for both a freestanding fire and a gaucho grill’. Pretty cool right? The built-in outdoor grill has been beautifully placed within a stone wall as it sits beside a long length pool, which has been framed by a stone pathway. If you want to create a similar look, try opting for a multifunctional firepit like this one and try aligning it within or next to a wall.

Ayesha says multifunctional outdoor firepits 'exemplify the evolution of the traditional hearth into a dynamic focal point that bridges indoor and outdoor living spaces. Historically, the hearth was the heart of the home—providing warmth, serving as a cooking area, and acting as a gathering spot for family and friends. As architectural designs have increasingly blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor environments, the concept of the hearth has naturally extended beyond the confines of the home's walls'.

2. Add a dynamic pool by the firepit

A home in Laurel Way, Beverly Hills US

(Image credit: Whipple Russel Architects. Photo by: William MacCollum/Art Gray)

Why not take a dip in the pool before you lounge around the fireplace? Whipple Russell Architects has created an elegant space with different shades of white.

The built in tabletop firepit has been placed near the pool and sofa to make it easily accessible after a good swim.

Taking inspiration from this seamlessly simple, yet dynamic backyard, if you want to create an outdoor living space like this, why not opt for some sunbeds around the fireplace and pool. Go for bright colors, like white or beige, which will draw in more sunlight and brighten up the space around you.

3. Make it feel connected to your home

A cosy firepit decorated with candles

(Image credit: @ncmodernfarmhousedesign - Instagram)

Taking inspiration from this alluring firepit from Elaine Citro, founder of Elaine Citro Home, and create a fireplace that feels connected to your home's indoor spaces too.

I absolutely love how cozy this firepit looks with its elegant take on neutral tones. If you're feeling inspired, why not add one of the best outdoor rugs in your backyard and match it with some wooden chairs.

Try adding some blankets and cushion to make outdoor living, feel a little more like home. Décor and candles around the firepit will also accentuate the space.

4. Make it the center of attention

A grey tones outdoor firepit with matching seating

(Image credit: Living with Lolo. Photo by: Life Created)

Want to create something that will grab the attention of your guests? This firepit designed by Living with Lolo is taking main character vibes to a whole new level, with its graceful gray tones.

Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Living with Lolo says: 'Be sure to consider what material you place under your firepit. In Arizona, we love to build firepits on top of travertine pavers, as these don't retain heat and are cool to the touch.

'Custom-built firepits are a great way to ensure they fit with the scale of your space and provide unique material options for textural interest, like cement or stucco'.

If you are looking to match this aesthetic, try opting for a ceramic fire balls in the center of your fireplace and adding decorative outdoor seating around it. Face the chairs directly towards the fireplace to create a wholesome atmosphere.

5. Choose a shape which goes well with your space

A beautiful rounded firepit with chairs placed around it

(Image credit: Brad Ramsey Interiors. Photo by: Paige Rumore Photography)

Around the garden we go with this stunning rounded firepit design by Brad Ramsey interiors.

If you want to make your yard look bigger, try placing floor tiles strategically around your the centerpiece – In this instance, it would be the fireplace. I really love the way the tiles are formed around this firepit as it almost looks as though little sun beams are coming out onto the pathway.

Adding stone around the garden paths and beneath the firepit will also elevate the way it looks due to the different materials and textures. If you want to create a cohesive yard, throw in some wooden chairs to bring it all together. Flowers and plants are also a nice touch to cut through the neutral tones.

6. Consider your yard's cover

A firepit sits in the middle of a garden patio

(Image credit: DNM MCM)

Often you'll find backyards have more than one seating area — one that's under some sort of shade, and another that's uncovered so you can safely have a firepit. However, semi-covered patios, using pergolas or retractable covers, can mean you can combine the two.

'This firepit is nestled behind a gorgeous Mid-Century Modern home in Sausalito. Inspired by the textures and structure of DNM Architecture’s comprehensive renovation, the owners added this semi-covered firepit using commercially available materials. The firepit itself is custom built by the owner,' says David Marlatt from DNM Architecture.

If you want to add some contrast in your backyard, why not mix and match your furniture around the firepit? This design is quite fascinating with its wooden and steel benches.

The wooden benches add a gorgeous pop of color amongst a dark-toned patio and firepit. I also love the way nature has been incorporated in this design in a very subtle and elegant manner.

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