This Controversial Window Treatment Trick Might Just Make Your Room Feel Bigger and Brighter

These beautiful spaces that prove that ditching your drapes can still deliver a cozy feel

A dining room with windows without curtains
(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Corinne Mathern)

We're big fans of layering texture here at Livingetc, so to suggest doing without curtains in your living room or bedroom might seem like we're going against the grain. But I've seen plenty of examples recently where large, spacious living rooms and bedrooms are ditching the drapes, instead favoring bare panes and by doing so, allowing light to flood the space.

I'm a firm believer in the more fabric and texture, the cozier, and I would have thought the space without curtains would feel unfinished and unwelcoming. But these examples have converted me.

'The light that filters into curtain-less window interiors is incredible and gives it a soft, calming feel,' says interior designer Corinne Mathern, who designed this light-filled dining area that showcases the look perfectly. Here are four examples from some of my favorite designers to inspire you to embrace the interior design trend and ditch the drapes this spring.

1. This home that proves curtains don't mean coziness

A minimalist living room with no curtains

(Image credit: Chango & Co)

Located on the Upper West Side of New York City, this townhouse was designed by Susana Simonpietri, creative director of Brooklyn-based studio Chango & Co, and it is filled with modern furniture and a neutral color scheme. This living room is proof that a room without curtains can still feel cozy. The space features large windows that fill the home with natural light. The overall effect is a cozy and comfortable space for a young new family, with plenty of texture and fabrics that make it a space for the family to cozy up.

Upon walking into the home, the room is clean and crisp with a color scheme of beiges and creams. The focal point of the room is the fireplace which sits in a cream column with rounded edges. Surrounding it is a beige couch with textured fabric from Stahl & Band. The curved edges of the couch create a softness in the space too that is illuminated by the shape of the windows.

Simon Pietri wanted this room to feel bright and open so she chose colors that would be illuminated by the curved windows. The curved edges of the couch, fireplace, chair, and windows all tie in together to create a cohesive look and no need for curtains.

2. This space that showcases the trend in the bedroom

A bedroom with no curtains

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Emerson Bailey)

It's not just appropriate for living rooms either, and the look surprisingly works in this bedroom, designed by design and antiques studio, Emerson Bailey. Here, plenty of texture, that high pile rug and decorative touches bring the cozy feel.

'We are seeing more and more clients building with the perspective of the view, be it oceans or mountains,' says Susan Bailey Weiss of Emerson Bailey. 'People want to feel closer to nature and windows are fantastic bridges for blending the interior and exterior. Not only can you visually expand the space without curtains, but you can also greatly increase and improve the amount of natural light that comes in.'

If you really want to control the light setting and make sure your space retains a sense of privacy, going for neutral blinds might be a great way to get the curtain-less look, creating a flexible space.

3. This curtain-less living room that enhances crown molding

A living room with no window trim

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Design: Bespoke Only)

Long gone are the days when fussy window treatments became the focus of the room and designers are regretting going all out with fanciful curtains, instead going for none at all. In this room, it works perfectly to attract attention to the beautiful crown molding detail instead.

The problem with the no-curtain look is that it only really works in a room that is facing the right way, like this example from Bespoke Only.

‘The living room with southern exposure is an area blessed with an abundance of natural light at nearly all times,’ says Melissa Lee, founder and principal of Bespoke Only. ‘There’s a jolly nature in the space, and we felt it was only natural to outfit it with more cheerful and illuminating hues. After all, not many spaces can pull off two pink sofas, and here they are paired beautifully with the rest of the earthy colors and materials.’

‘As for the window frames - we have them painted in a complementary soft white with an undertone of blush. The white highlights the architectural details of the grand room and frames the perimeter with views without overpowering the space.’

4. This city loft that embraces the views

A textured living room with patterned sofa

(Image credit: Nicole Franzen. Styling by Katja Greeff. Design: Evan Edward)

The curtain-less trend is particularly prevalent in urban homes, like sky-high flats that want to embrace the surrounding views. In this boho luxe New York City loft, designer Josh Edward of Evan Edward decided to open up the view and forgo the curtains in the living room.

'The city sun pours through the south-facing windows and skylights changing throughout the day and season,' says Josh Evans.

'It is beautiful year-round and the views of the city during the day and night are a dramatic backdrop enhanced by the texture of the brick walls and exposed beams. Why hide that with living room curtains?'

'Curtains seem suburban in this context,' agrees Isabelle Brooks, studio director at Baird Architects.

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