5 of the best Farrow & Ball blue paints that interior designers are obsessed with – all shown in real spaces

Thinking of painting your home blue? Consider these winning Farrow & Ball paint colors that have interior designers' seal of approval

A kitchen in an aqua blue
(Image credit: Sean Litchfield. Studio credit Emily Tucker Design)

Blue is an incredibly versatile color for decorating your home. It can be crisp and refreshing, or moody and cozy; reminiscent of nature, while also being modern and playful, too. It's no surprise that interior designers love to use it. 'Blue tones add gorgeous saturation to a space while still offering a bit of levity,' says Marie Flanigan, founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors. 

Farrow & Ball has some of the most iconic blue paint colors you can think of, and it remains a go-to paint choice for people looking for elevated color schemes. 

If you are considering painting your home blue but are unsure of which shade to pick, we've asked interior designers for help. They've selected their favorite blues from the best Farrow and Ball paint colors to inspire your choices. 

1.  De Nimes

A living room with blue painted on the built-ins

(Image credit: Yond Interiors)

Whether it's a blue living room, bedroom, or kitchen you're looking at, De Nimes is a great choice - it's a lovely tone that is the mid-point between blue and grey. The color isn't a typical deep blue that can sometimes overwhelm. This tone is the right balance between light and dark.

It's the color that was used by interior designer Julia Miller from Yond Interiors for this stylish living room. 'We used fresh paint to highlight the incredible existing architecture,' says Julia. The layered blues on the built-ins mirror the color of the nearby armchairs nicely.

For an easy way to introduce De Nimes to your home, consider pairing it with calm neutrals such as creams and beiges. 

2. Wine Dark

a bedroom painted in dark blue

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

If a dark color scheme appeals to you, then go for Wine Dark – a tone inspired by the midnight sky. A rich, velvety blue, it has an inherent modern appeal, and a subtle grandeur to it. The color can look especially glam in a double-height living room or a large master suite. To add further layering, consider dropping a chandelier from the ceiling and adding floor lamps to the room. The soft, warm lighting paired with this tone will give the room the most cozy vibe.

'My go-to blue paint lately has been Wine Dark,' says Juliette Thomas, founder and director of Juliettes Interiors. 'The color offers a sophisticated yet upbeat hue. It's inspired by midnight skies and works well in most rooms of the home. It is an ideal choice if you’re looking to create a statement, whilst the depth and intensity of the color can make a room feel both intimate and glamorous. As a versatile shade with subtle undertones, it is equally effective on larger surfaces.'

3. Hague Blue 

A cozy den room in Hague Blue

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors)

Hague blue living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms are smart and full of style. This earthy and natural tone looks especially great when paired with green tones. Sophisticated, rich, and elegant, this tone can create a wonderful mood.

'I love Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue because it’s incredibly decadent and rich, creating a cozy, cocoon-like effect,' says Marie Flanigan, founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors. 'With this space, we decided to add a lacquered finish to beautifully reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.'

4. Blue Ground

A green decorated front door

(Image credit: Nathan Schroder. Studio credit Maestri Studio)

This clean, upbeat mid-tone blue can imbue a space with a happy atmosphere. The color, ideal for playrooms, hallways and even entryways can add an optimistic and friendly vibe. It's warm yet welcoming. Plus, due to its softer appeal, there are many colors that go with blue with this turquoise leaning. 

'I love Farrow & Ball Blue Ground so much that I used it on my own front door,' says Eddie Maestri, principal architect and founder of Maestri Studio. 'I love its calming nature for a resort-like vibe that's also a tad retro. That apart, I also love Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue. This shade has a flair for the dramatics without being too dark.'

5. Light Blue

A kitchen in an aqua blue

(Image credit: Sean Litchfield. Studio credit Emily Tucker Design)

Whether it's on walls, floors, cabinetry, or backsplashes, blue kitchens have been turning heads and giving people a lot of inspiration. The color has a watery, outdoorsy effect, instantly calming a room that usually is busy, and can be a bit stressful to work in. Light Blue, which is a beautiful warm and subtle blue/green/grey paint color is a great choice.

'This space opens up to the family room, and was designed to function as part of the overall room,' says Emily Tucker, founder of Emily Tucker Design. 'We wanted to have some color in the kitchen, but not so much that it felt overpowering. In the end, we settled on this Farrow and Ball Light Blue which we mixed with a lighter green so that the kitchen reads as a pale green. The stools are custom-made and the lanterns are from Charles Edwards.'

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