The 8 Most Beautiful Houseplants Designers Love to Use Most — "They Bring Texture and Pattern to a Home"

From orchids to ferns, forget the paintings and decorate your home with these beautiful houseplants, most beloved by interior designers

A selection of plants
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The right houseplants can transform your home, brightening up a space and invigorating it with a new sense of life.

As Flowerbx co-founder and CEO, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings says: 'Houseplants are a wonderful way to update your interiors without having a full redesign. More than just greenery, houseplants can bring rich tone, texture and pattern to a space, for a subtle refresh that can be easily styled.'

Whether you are wanting to create your own indoor garden, or simply elevate your surroundings with an elegant floral arrangement, these expert suggestions will supply you with a bouquet of inspiration.

1. Ferns

A fern in a bathroom

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This foliage group adds the perfect touch of verdant softness to any room in your home.

Lifestyle and home designer Joanna Buchanan agrees: 'I am obsessed with my ferns, they are super lush and such a bold and vibrant green. The texture and volume they provide are marvellous.' She continues, 'I enjoy my morning potter, spritzing them, turning them, and taking care of them!'

2. Lemon tree

3 lemon trees placed by a sofa

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Indoor trees are a continuing design trend. Bringing a lemon tree into your home adds not only a beautiful design feature, but can also transport you straight to the Mediterranean with each whiff of its citrus aroma.

Lifestyle expert Kelli Delaney says, 'I have a lemon tree in my dining room which will go outside in late spring, I love the lemon tree because of the fragrant flowers and to use the lemons when I cook.'

3. Orchids

An orchid in a white vase

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Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants, and with good reason. With various colors and appearances, these flowers add an elegant touch to any room, as long as you care for them correctly. Our guide to how to get an orchid to rebloom will help you here.

Designer Artem Kropovinsky of Arsight says, 'the beauty of the orchids is with their delicate blooms that offers elegance and a splash of color to the room. Their unusual flowers are very long lasting.'

They are a favorite of landscape designer, Katherine Aul Cervoni: 'For elegant flowers in a myriad of colors and sizes that blooms for weeks on end, you can't beat the orchid. I love how easy they are to care for (mid-to-bright indirect light, water 1x a week) and that if you continue caring for them post-bloom and use orchid specific plant food you can get it to rebloom again!'

4. Fiddle-leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig tree

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'If you are going for a tropic, exotic vibe, the fiddle-leaf fig is a must-have,' suggests Lina Cowley, Senior Editor at Trimmed Roots. 'Its large, heavily veined leaves give it an almost prehistoric look that commands attention. Just be sure to give it plenty of bright, filtered light to keep those broad leaves looking their best.'

This beauty can grow up to 10 feet tall, just be sure to place it in a warm spot that is not in direct sunlight – somewhere near a window is best.

5. Monstera deliciosa

Monstera plant in a living room

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The monstera deliciosa, commonly known as the swiss cheese plant, is favored for its large, split leaves that offer a dramatic statement in any room.

Artem Kropovinsky says it's one of the best plants to create lush indoor garden: 'Monstera deliciosa is distinguished by the split leaves and creates a tropical feel in the home. It is such a visually stunning plant that it can become quite large, it is really a point of interest in any room.'

The Plant Bible founder, Zahid Adnan, agrees, 'the monstera is a statement piece in any room. Its tropical vibe brings a refreshing atmosphere indoors.'

6. Calathea

close up of a calathea leaf

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The calathea is a beautiful, and pet-friendly pick for the animal lovers among us. Their uniquely patterned leaves are used for various crafts in their native country, Brazil, and add an eye-catching design element to your home.

'With their vibrant, almost neon-striped leaves, calatheas are like living works of art,' says Lina Cowley. 'From the rose-patterned Calathea roseopicta to the pin-striped Calathea ornata, these plants are real head-turners. They prefer humid environments, so regular misting will keep them looking fabulous.'

7. Chinese evergreen

Pink and green chinese evergreen in a blue pot

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For houseplant newbies looking to bring a pop of interest into their homes, the Chinese evergreen is the perfect option. It's one of the best indoor plants to add color.

'With its lush, oval-shaped leaves painted in shades of green, red, pink, and even silvery gray, the Chinese evergreen is an absolute stunner,' says Lina Cowley. 'These low-maintenance plants thrive in bright, indirect light and make a bold statement with their unique patterns and hues.'

8. Majesty palm

A majesty palm

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If you're looking for a houseplant that makes a statement, look no further than the majesty palm. With long, graceful leaves, this plant can grow up to 12 feet, making it the perfect focal point in any room.

'I love the size and grandeur of the Majesty palm,' says Katherine Aul Cervoni. 'I have one nestled behind a small seating area in my primary bedroom and it adds beautiful height, color and lushness to the space.'

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