Bathroom TV ideas - how to include a screen but still style it like you're in a spa

Bathroom TV ideas are an indulgent way to enhance your space, giving you no reason to ever leave the tub

Bathroom TV ideas Proofvision bathroom TV
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When it comes to bathroom TV ideas, there are a number of things to consider from a technical point of view before you pour yourself an essential-oil bath. Position, design, installation and integration all have their role to play. 

With the option to have your bathroom TV discreetly hidden behind a glass or mirror finish and instant access to news, music and must-see programmes, installing one of the best TV brands in the bathroom has never felt so appealing. There are, in fact, plenty of ways to hide your TV around your home, but the bathroom can be one of the most exciting. 

A bathroom TV may not be as expensive as you may think to buy either. Installation costs aside, you can pick up an average entry-level 19-inch screen from around $300, for example. Prices do, of course, go up considerably depending on how bespoke a solution you're after, however. But it's worth knowing that buying a bathroom TV can be more budget-friendly than you initially may have thought.

Bathroom TV ideas - 7 things to consider when choosing a design for your home 

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1. Plan at the offset 

The best time to plan a bathroom TV is in the early stages of fitting a new bathroom. There is wiring and its surrounds to consider, so it's easier to have one at the start than add one in. 

‘If you want to place your TV on the wall, it could be possible to add it to an existing bathroom scheme, but you would need a very skilled tiler,’ says Owen Maddock, technology specialist at Cinemaworks. You need someone who really knows the craft of how to mount your TV to a wall if you're thinking of adding it in late. ‘Once your bathroom is tiled, the TV must be sealed into place so there is very little scope for changing your mind.

2. Call on the help of the experts

Proofvision bathroom TV

(Image credit: Proofvision bathroom TV)

Making sure you have expert help when considering your bathroom TV ideas is essential. ‘This is a job where several trades have to work together to ensure a great result,’ says Owen Maddock. 

‘The key people to get on board would be a general builder or bathroom fitter/tiler plus at least one skilled ‘wiring person’, which might be an electrician or a home technology professional. Power in bathrooms is never trivial and has safety issues, so do not attempt this job without a qualified electrician to keep everything safe.’

It's not just enough to choose one of the best 40 inch TVs - you also need someone skilled to install it.

3. Choose a bathroom-proofed TV 

When it comes to which TV you put in your bathroom, the requirments are different from your living room TV ideas. You’ll need to make sure you choose a specific set that is made to be fitted in humid rooms.  

‘A specified waterproof TV is essential as you need a TV that can withstand the moisture build up in the bathroom, which is key to the lifespan of the product,’ says bathroom designer Alfie Guard at Ripples. ‘Special features such as a heated mist-proof screen will make sure the viewing experience is as good as possible.

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4. Position is everything, so ensure you get it right

Plan where you want to place your bathroom TV so you can view it comfortably. ‘Think about where you will you be when viewing your TV,’ says technology specialist James Ratcliffe at 

‘Will you be watching Netflix during a long soak in the bath, or do you want to catch the morning news while brushing your teeth? Make sure everyone in the household is happy with the TV's positioning before you set anything in concrete.’

5. Choose your style - do you want a TV that is hidden or obviously display? 

Where you want to position you bathroom TV may help you choose the type of screen you go for. You can currently choose from a good range of bathroom TVs online – ranging anywhere between 16 inches to 100 inches. Try the likes of Sarason, Aquavision, Proofvision and Bathroom TV who all sell waterproof TVs to suit a variety of budgets and bespoke specifications.

‘As well as positioning, you should think about how obvious you want the TV to be on display in your overall scheme,’ says James Ratcliffe. ‘I think the best bathroom TVs are those that are completely integrated within a large mirror as they can be completely invisible. They can be framed or unframed and you can even get touch-screen and backlit options too. You can choose from glass or mirror finishes. 

Alternatively, you can buy TV-shaped glass panels that you can fit onto a tiled wall, which double up as a mirror when they aren’t turned on. Some have frames and the option of different types of glass too.

'To get good sound, the best smart speakers need to be considered. Some - but not all - bathroom TVs come with 'vibration speakers' built into the design behind the glass. For the best sound however, you need to fit ceiling speakers or for the fully invisible look - use plaster-in speakers.'

Bathrooms International bathroom TV idea

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6. Futureproof your bathroom TV

You will need room behind the TV to keep your bathroom future-proofed. This isn't just for the TV to fit, but so that you can get access to the back should the TV require any servicing at a later date.  ‘TV Models change over time, so leave a bit more space than you need now in case the replacement is larger,’ says Owen Maddock. Do you think you'll ever want one of the best 85 inch TVs in your bathroom?!

‘You will need to sort out cabling – this includes for power to the TV, often speaker cables headed for the ceiling, and either HDMI or Ethernet cabling for a video source like an Apple TV or a Sky box. Depending on the particular TV model, allow at least a few inches. The glass of the TV needs to sit exactly flush with the tiles so the supplied back box helps achieve this.’ 

7. Think about control

Bathroom TVs tend to come with waterproof remotes sold as part of the package. Proofvision TVs are sold with an 'ultra slim IP67 waterproof remote control' that you can dip in the bath without harm. 

‘If you choose a TV design that is linked up to part of a home control system like Savant, Crestron or Control 4, you will need a handset or alternatively a wall-mounted control panel,’ says Owen Maddock.  'The technology for voice control for the majority of bathroom TVs isn't quite there yet - you can get round it but it's a little complicated - but it's early days and who knows what's around the corner.'  

Aquavision bathroom TV

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What size TV is good for the bathroom? 

A 32inch TV seems to be a popular size for the average bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be smaller in size than say the living room or open-plan kitchen/diner, so an 85-inch bathroom TV screen may look slightly out of place next to your toothbrush. For advice on picking the ideal size TV for you room you can read our feature 'What size TV do I need? The expert guide to getting the perfect screen for you'.

Can I put a TV in my shower? 

If you buy a specialist waterproof TV you can place it where you like including in the shower area or at the end of the bath. Bathroom TVs are sealed and made to withstand moisture and tend to come with 'anti-fog' or 'heated mist-proof' technology that will stop the TV screen from steaming up like a standard mirror can. For more on tech for your bathroom, take a look at our guide to the best shower speakers

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