Spotted: 7 modern fans to keep your home cool – and stylish

These modern fans can keep the temperature in your home cool, all while looking the part and blending in with your furniture

Elements 16" Chrome Pedestal Modern Fan in living room inbetween plant and rattan chair
(Image credit: Dunelm)

Searching for a new fan? Want to avoid spending your money on an eyesore? Gone are the days: we've been searching for modern fans, for keeping your home cool in style. Luckily enough, we've discovered seven stylish options that can cool the air in your home while looking pretty and blending in with your interiors. From floor fans to tower fans and desk fans –there's even a bladeless option for pet owners and parents – all of the top modern fans we think should be on your radar are listed below. Just in time for the British summertime to finally begin.

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1. This copper floor fan – a modern fan for small homes

14" Velocity Copper Floor Fan

(Image credit: Dunelm)

14" Velocity Copper Floor Fan | £35 at Dunelm
Searching for a smaller floor fan that's easy to hide yet powerful when on? This copper one ought to do the trick. Place it on the floor in your living room, pointing at your sofa, or you could pop it on a table to point it right at you while working from home. It works at three speeds, while it works at a low noise – not just pretty, clearly. View Deal

2. This wood-effect modern fan for Scandi-style homes

John Lewis & Partners Pedestal Fan | £65 at John Lewis
This wood-effect fan is great for Scandi-style homes that need a little cooling down. It's ideal for the bedroom thanks to its large size,  while it would also blend in if placed in a living room. It boasts three speed settings, it can be tilted to an angle that suits you, and it's height adjustable. It even has wood-effect blades.View Deal

3. A modern fan that's chrome – for your home office

Elements 16" Chrome Pedestal Fan

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Elements 16" Chrome Pedestal Fan | £65 at Dunelm
This sleek yet modern fan is made from a mix of wood and chrome, for style and durability purposes. It would be great for a home office or a bedroom, especially since it's elegant and it takes up a small amount of floor space. With low noise fan blades, too, it can even oscillate.View Deal

4. A stylish desk fan that you could also use on a bedside table

John Lewis & Partners Circulator Desk Fan | £70 at John Lewis
This perfectly sized fan would be ideal for a desk – or a bedside table – to keep you cool while working or sleeping. It has an impressively small footprint considering its size, while it boasts a touch-control panel. It's also tiltable, it oscillates and it has four speed settings and three wind modes. It automatically turns off after a long time of use, too.View Deal

5. This pedalstal fan has built-in storage

16" Timeless Matt Black Pedestal Fan

(Image credit: Dunelm)

16" Timeless Matt Black Pedestal Fan | £75 at Dunelm
How clever is this pedestal fan? In the stand is built-in storage, for everything from books to plants and photo frames. With a matte black finish, we think it would blend in perfectly in a minimalist home. One thing's for sure: it will be sure to make a statement.View Deal

6. Don't miss this impressive Scandi-style tower fan

John Lewis & Partners Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan | £90 at John Lewis
When we say impressive, we mean in terms of both style and functions as this modern tower fan can cool down a room in minutes. With an LED display screen with a touch control panel, it has three speed modes and three wind modes. Not only that, but it has a handy eight-hour timer, while it can oscillate. Pop it on the floor and switch it on for a comfortable night's sleep, movie night indoors or just to cool down your home while you are doing chores.View Deal

7. Opt for a bladeless fan if you've pets or children

Daewoo Black & White Bladeless Fan | £119.20 at Dunelm
This bladeless fan is ideal for those who have pets or children as it's safe to use around them, even when they are unsupervised for a few minutes. It's also compact in size so would be perfect for a smaller room or a flat. It can even be controlled via a remote, and it features an impressive range of eight wind settings. A built-in timer will save energy so that you can sleep with this modern fan switched on, guilt-free.View Deal