This New York apartment's 'hand-troweled' walls are an incredible detail – they're like nothing we've seen before

We speak to the designer of this Manhattan home to learn about his nature inspired narrative and surprising mix of materials

a living room with a large marble fireplace
(Image credit: Arsight)

Inspiration comes in many guises when it comes to interior design that pushes beyond the norm of the conventional. We’re noticing an increasing shift towards bringing the outdoors in through colors and textures that celebrate nature and its beauty in a creative and surprising way. Rough textures are embraced and celebrated, and harmoniously balanced with smooth, luxurious elements to create a modern yet very warm and welcoming feel. 

The Tribeca apartment is an example of the purest form of creativity that perfectly mixes both form and function while staying true to its connection to the outdoors, rarely seen in an urban dwelling. 

‘This resulted in an organic and intentional space, telling a story of time, history, and the delicate balance of nature,’ tells us Artem Kropovinsky, founder and principal designer of interior design studio Arsight. The New York-based studio has explored imperfection throughout this modern home, contrasting rough textures against luxurious finishes, including spectacular, textured plaster walls. 

And as you’ll see in the design of this space, the results are breathtaking yet completely serving the purpose of a space to be lived in.

The inspiration 

a corner of a living room with a tree

(Image credit: Arsight)

From the start, for Artem and his team, the curation of ideas wasn’t limited to digital archives and mood boards. ‘In crafting the narrative for this space, the clients entrusted us with the liberty to delve deeply into the roots of our inspiration – nature itself. We ventured into wilderness landscapes in Connecticut, finding ourselves inspired by the timeless beauty of driftwood and stones, fashioned by nature over thousands of years,’ says the designer. 

The connection of the interior to the outdoors saw inspiring elements from the wild, like driftwood and stone, be given a place when decorating the apartment. ‘Our aim was to bring that innate beauty to the forefront of the design, crafting a home that reflects not just the family's intuitive preferences but also the harmony inherent in nature's imperfections.’ 

The materials

a dining room with a large installation in the corner

(Image credit: Arsight)

The materials used in the apartment are a nod to elements of nature, specifically rock, clay, and wood. Hand-carved Emperado stone was used for the kitchen island, and rough limestone blocks in the living room. 

‘The stone introduced a touch of nature’s grandeur and grounded the space with its solidity. The hand-trowelled plaster and Tadelakt plaster on the walls add texture and visual interest, their rough charm providing a unique backdrop to the space,’ explains Artem. 

Every little detail was intentional, down to the look and feel of the dining and living room curtains. ‘Heavyweight linen curtains, wrinkled on purpose, were chosen for their raw texture that subtly harmonizes with the rest of the room.’

Each stroke in the hand-trowelled fluted plaster finish is unique, and a defining feature in this design. ‘Alongside the plaster, we utilized Tadelakt, a traditional Moroccan plaster that is both visually appealing and durable. The Tadelakt maintained the existing wall imperfections, adding character to the space,’ says the designer.

The surface treatments used, in their raw form, are an ode to the nature-inspired concept. 

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The standout kitchen island 

a kitchen with a rough marble island

(Image credit: Arsight)

The kitchen island is a real showstopper. The Fume Grey Emperador stone kitchen island draws you in straight away. Impressively, it somehow looks so light, almost as if it’s floating. 

For Artem, it is a testament to the studio’s philosophy of valuing materials in their natural state. ‘We opted for a stone island with both rough and sleek polished areas to emphasize the contrast of ideal and imperfect.’

‘The island's front was meticulously hand chiselled from stone, injecting a touch of artisan craftsmanship and emphasizing the inherent aesthetic of the material.’

This is an item that does more than serve a function. As the designer says: 'it stands as an artistic masterpiece in itself.’ We couldn’t agree more. 

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