Vintage-Style Barware is Trending — These 12 Buys Will Elevate Your Bar Cart and Give Your Home "Swagger"

From burgeoning NYC tastemakers to the great Jonathan Adler himself, discover how stylish designers of the present are utilizing bar decor of the past

Best vintage-inspired bar cart decor, as recommended by experts.
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I approached the most stylish individuals I know with a simple question: 'What's on your bar cart?' This seemingly straightforward inquiry reveals a lot. According to potter and designer Jonathan Adler, 'a home bar signifies swagger, it makes young people seem sophisticated and old people seem young,' While some may argue that bar carts are purely for display, these mobile drink stations go beyond mere decoration — they function as the entertainment hub of a home, communicating our interests, how we enjoy ourselves, and our social interactions. As Adler puts it: 'A well-stocked bar cart says you're louche and you know how to entertain.'

Responses to this question varied, encompassing expected offerings from the best home decor stores, like the usual bar tools and crystal stems, along with more surprising additions like plants. Though, what emerged prominently from my conversations with experts was one thing: vintage-inspired bar decor.

Bar carts have a history spanning over a century, making the concept itself inherently vintage. The current trend towards vintage-inspired decor appears to pay homage to the origins of this classic piece. Think pewter buckets, ashtrays, and Dali-esque coasters  — a curated collection of influences from bygone eras. The bar cart, it seems, has evolved into the most intriguing aspect of home decor. Delve into how the most stylish designers and tastemakers seamlessly blend old-world charm with contemporary sensibilities in styling their bar carts.

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