The most relaxing home decor I can find - make your home feel as soothing as a spa

If you and your home are in need of a little pick-me-up, we’ve found the most calming decor to make you feel soothed and your home feel more indulgent

vase, diffuser, towel and soap dispenser
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Going to the spa for a much-needed bit of TLC is probably everyone’s favorite pastime. So why not take it one step further by creating a relaxing sanctuary in your own home? Using home accessories with organic materials, soothing color schemes and an aesthetic-yet-calming device or two, you very much can.

I, for one, love to make my space feel as relaxing and look as expensive as possible – because after a full-on day out in the ‘real world’, my home is the one place I can indulge in a little self-care (professionally-trained Swedish masseuse preferred, but not essential). So I’ve scoured the best home decor stores to find the most calming accessories to help your home feel both relaxing and luxurious – from soothing diffusers to bath accessories that’ll make self-care moments feel even more indulgent.


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What decor feels the most relaxing?

When I think of an indulgent spa’s decor, the first thing that comes to mind is matte stoneware. While the fanciest spas feature the effect throughout (deep, neutral limewash walls are an added bonus), this can also be reflected in the accessories you pick, like the stoneware vase, bath caddy and diffusers above. Other organic materials like wood can also make nice accents (e.g. the wooden detail on the soap dispenser) – the combination to me is reminiscent of a sauna and steam room, AKA a match made in self-care heaven. 

A minimalist aesthetic is also key to an expensive spa’s look, so keep your clutter to a minimum. While having minimal mess makes your space more visually pleasing, it also has the added bonus of helping to declutter your mind. After you’ve tidied away your loose bits and bobs with some stylish storage solutions, it’s time to look at the decor pieces you do want on display. When picking your accessories, less is definitely more – try to think of it as: your decor should be as mindfully chosen as your yoga practices. 

Finally, extending spa-like accents past your bathroom to your bedroom and living space (e.g. the waffle throw and organic linen bedding) is an easy way to spread the relaxing feel throughout your home and maximize the rewards of your carefully-chosen calming decor.

Valeza Bakolli
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