Pottery Barn Chandeliers That are at the Top of Our Style Editor's Wishlist

Pottery Barn chandeliers aren't just lighting — they're jewelry for your ceiling. Whether you like something more minimalist or are self-proclaimed magpie like myself, behold your next crown jewel

best Pottery Barn chandeliers
(Image credit: Pottery Barn)

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a magpie — I've never met a shiny object I didn't like. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I'm quite fond of a chandelier's magical twinkle. They grace any space with elegance and sophistication, turning an ordinary room into something special. But I don’t discriminate: I appreciate the charm of non-shiny varieties like iron or rattan too. Basically, the more chandeliers, the merrier. Lately, I've been exploring unique lighting options that I never expected to fall for. My latest crush? Pottery Barn chandeliers.

Chandeliers have a rich history, dating back to medieval times when they adorned magnificent castles and sprawling palaces. Luckily, and plenty thanks to the ongoing Pottery Barn sale, you don't need be royalty to enjoy their luxury. ‘Investing in a quality chandelier is akin to investing in a timeless piece of art,’ explains interior designer Nina Lichtenstein. ‘Unlike trendy lighting fixtures that may quickly go out of style, a well-chosen chandelier can withstand changing design trends and retain its allure for years to come.’

‘A unique blend of ambient, task, and decorative lighting,’ as Nina describes it, chandeliers can enhance any space with depth and dimension. Whether you're seeking a new focal point for your entryway or a more casual addition above your breakfast table, Pottery Barn offers a diverse range of chandeliers to suit your needs. As someone who is essentially a professional shopper, I've taken the liberty of handpicking the best options for you. Your personal palace awaits!

Explore Pottery Barn for an extensive selection of chandeliers.

Best Pottery Barn Chandeliers

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How should I hang my Pottery Barn chandelier?

As a self-proclaimed chandelier connoisseur, I will always advocate for placing one in any and all areas of the home where it makes sense. But as you can probably guess, the distance from the bottom of your chandelier to the floor varies quite a bit depending on its location. To avoid an accidental face full of crystals or lightbulbs, Nina shares her tips for optimal chandelier placement.

In the dining room, hang your chandelier ‘above the dining table, ensuring it is centered and positioned at least 30 inches above the table surface to provide ample clearance,’ advises Nina. This space is likely where your chandelier will hang the lowest.

Living room chandeliers should be situated directly ‘as a focal point in the center of the room to anchor the space,’ says the designer. In a similar vein, Nina adds that if you really want to make a splash, there is no better way than installing a chandelier in your entryway. It’s the first thing your guests see upon arrival, and as we all know all too well, first impressions linger — might as well make them elegant!

Though still definitely a statement, a bedroom chandelier will be on the smaller, more subdued side. Rather than coming in with the goal of drawing maximum attention, Nina recommends a chandelier comparatively more simplistic, instead ‘focusing on providing soft, ambient lighting without overwhelming the space.’

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