This is the Best Brooklinen Pillow for Every Kind of Sleeper, According to a Sleep Expert

Wondering what the best Brooklinen pillow is for you? From memory foam to down, an expert gives us the low-down on which to choose

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Have you ever slept on a cloud? Allow me to introduce you to Brooklinen, whose pillows come closest to that ethereal experience. We all have different sleep preferences — some of us are side sleepers, while others prefer lying on our stomachs, and standard pillows often fail to accommodate these complexities. Brooklinen’s dreamy pillow options come in varying degrees of firmness and fill, ensuring you'll discover your perfect match.

Uncertain about which pillow suits you best? I've curated this Brooklinen editor’s choice selection to guide you through the options. Selecting the right pillow is paramount, as 'Sleeping on the wrong style of pillow based on your sleep style (AKA if you’re a stomach, side or back sleeper!) can lead to poor sleep,' explains Brooklinen’s Design Director Katie Elks. 'We recommend our soft, fluffy Down Pillow in Plush for stomach sleepers, our versatile Mid-Plush Down Pillow for those who alternate positions, and our sturdy Firm Down Pillow for side sleepers.'

Given that we spend about a third of our lives in sleep mode, taking this extra step to find your perfect pillow is the ultimate act of self-care. Dive into the following for more insights into the best pillow selection available. The Goldilocks of sleep essentials, these Brooklinen pillows are not too firm, not too soft, and just right for you. 

The Best Brooklinen Pillows

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Best Brooklinen Down Pillows

'Our Down Pillows are made of hypoallergenic and DOWNMARK® Certified down fill, which is treated with ultra-fresh antimicrobials,' explains Katie. Although these luxurious pillows look nearly identical, each offer a uniquely special sleep experience.

Best Brooklinen Down Alternative Pillows

There are several reasons one might opt for a down alternative pillow, rather than ordinary down. From ethical concerns to cost, this pillow variety is always a safe bet. Rest easy knowing that Brooklinen's 'Down Alternative Pillows are made with eco-friendly fill sourced from repurposed plastic bottles,' says Katie. So if you're in the market for a non-down pillow option, look no further.

Best Brooklinen Pillowcases

No pillow is complete without the proper pillowcase. Add a Brooklinen pillowcase (or three) to your cart and create the perfect pair. 

  How should I wash Brooklinen pillows? 

Proper pillow care is essential for maintaining their longevity. Since the composition of each Brooklinen pillow varies, it's essential to pay attention to the details. 'As far as washing instructions go for down, memory foam, latex, and gel pillows, I recommend spot-cleaning spills or stains as they arise with warm water and a concentrated soap, like Brooklinen’s Essential Laundry Detergent, or you can use a gentle Stain Remover for tougher stains,; advises Katie Elks.

For down pillows, if the initial method doesn't suffice, Elks says you can opt for dry cleaning for more extensive stains. However, bear in mind that 'dry cleaning will shorten the lifespan of down pillows as the chemicals remove the natural oils in the down and the clusters will break down faster,' she warns.

When uncertain, Elks emphasizes the importance of closely adhering to Brooklinen's care and wash instructions provided with each product, as they are tailored to the specific fabric composition of that item.

A perfectly clean pillow + the best bedding sets = your sweetest dreams ever.

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