Are These the Best Linen Sheets? 12 Sets to Buy for Effortlessly Elevated Bedrooms

Our edit of the best linen sheets will help you bring texture and style to your bed set-up

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Linen was mankind’s first fabric; it holds a high place in history. The ancient Egyptians revered it and used it in their embalmment and Alexander the Great’s armor was made with a series of laminated linen fibers. The flax plant is where linen comes from and Europe dominated much of its production through the 17th and 18th centuries, but today the Belgians are the Kings of flax linen. 

Linen is an obvious choice for the best bedding sets, of course, it was, in fact, one of the first established forms providing us with the term “bed linens”. Its durability, breathability, and long-lasting nature make it an obvious choice for many. Although it might not seem the softest fiber at first, it gets much gentler on the skin with washing. 

To help you find your lovely linen sheets, we’ve searched and scoured through the best home décor stores to find our favorites. If you’re in need of more bedding inspiration, discover our best bedding feature for expert advice alongside a curated list of our favorite designs.

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3. Best white linen sheets

4. Best budget-friendly linen sheets

How long does a linen sheet set last?

Linen is a hard worker, some traditional forms have lasted thousands of years (take note of the linen used to embalm the mummies of ancient Egypt). Amongst the plant fibers it often competes with like cotton, Linen is the strongest and making a sheet set made with its fibers a worthwhile investment. “Expect at least 5 years out of a good quality set of linen sheets, it will depend on how often you wash the sheets and the drying method as to how long they will last,” says Australian interior designer, Caitlin Parker of Parker Studio. Parker’s advice highlights two key points, the first being the importance of reading the washing instructions that arrive with your new linen sheets. This will help keep them looking pristine but also avoid wearing down the fibers in the wash cycle. The second is the importance of drying your sheets the right way, avoid tumble dryers and let your bedding dry completely to avoid any unpleasant odors. Darker sheets will also be best kept out of the sun when drying to preserve the vivid coloring but white will excel outdoors.

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