'It's an easy upgrade for your home's first impression' – this timeless front door hardware will elevate your curb appeal

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You might not have given much thought to your front door hardware before (don't worry, I'm guilty of it too), but it's a crucial element of your home's design that gets frequent use. But switching up those outdated door knockers, number signs and handles might be the lift you didn't even realize your front door needed to neaten up that front porch. 

'To create a welcoming entrance, the design and functionality of your front door play a crucial role,’ says Matthew Benjamin Wood, founder of award-winning practice, MW Architects. And we agree - our front doors are the first thing guests see upon arrival to the home and can help introduce the interior. I've been doing some window shopping to find the perfect pieces to help create that warm first impression and really up your curb appeal.

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How to choose an exterior door handle?

When it comes to picking your exterior door handle and hardware, think about the period of your home and try and reflect that in the hardware. For a modern build, solid brass and matt black can bring a strong contemporary feel to your front porch. 

For something period, pick a warm antique brass color that will patina over time and bring that heritage charm to your home. Whatever you decide, match it with coordinating hinges, thumb turns, locks and doorstops for a seamless, harmonious look.

What is the most durable door hardware finish?

Your door handles get used on a daily basis, and even if it's for a split second, this build up to a lot of use and daily wear and tear. For the most durable front door hardware finish, think about the type of materials that fare well outside. 

Chrome, nickel and stainless steel do better outside, and brass has a luxurious, golden coloring that brings elegance as well as durability to your front door. Meanwhile, stay clear of wooden knobs which might erode over time with constant use and outdoor weather conditions.

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