The 12 best dinnerware sets for six - so you're always ready to host a stylish soiree

The Livingetc editors have chosen the 12 best dinnerware sets for six - full fleets of tableware that mean you're always ready to host with style

6 piece dinnerware sets in plain and color
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Buying a dinnerware set for six–even when there are less in your household-means you're set for guests. Welcoming others into your home for brunch, lunch or dinner, is a breeze when you have all the tableware you need.

This is possible whatever your budget. In fact, the best dinnerware sets are often more cost-effective than buying individual pieces. 

So whatever your style, taste or home set up, we've selected our favorite dinnerware sets for 6, from the best home decor stores, so that you can entertain with ease. 

Best chunky dinnerware sets for 6

Best elegant dinnerware sets for 6

Best colorful dinnerware sets for 6

Best simple dinnerware sets for 6

What is the most sturdy dinnerware?

Fine bone china is extremely sturdy and durable, despite its delicate appearance. However it is expensive, so it's not an option for everyone. There are other sturdy materials that are more affordable for everyday use.

'For daily use – vitrified stoneware is brilliant, non-porous and dishwasher safe,' says Micaela Philippo, global director F&B development at Carte Blanched.

'Porcelain will always be a great option too and it is a material used for so many different styles of plate, meaning you can go for both utilitarian and minimalist, or decorative styles with flourishes on the rim and abstract shapes.'

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