5 Long-Lasting Flowers Gardening Pros are Planting in June — And They Won’t Require Endless Deadheading

It's not too late to turn your yard around. Take a look at what flowers the experts are planting in June that will flower all summer long.

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It’s the month we’ve all been waiting for, the month where working from home in your yard with a frozen margarita is officially on the cards – it’s June!

But if your yard hasn’t quite met your summer goals, don’t get down, there’s still time to turn it around – trust us!

June is a great time to plant flowers — even still flowers that bloom in summer. In fact, come mid-June, the extra hours of sunshine that come with the summer solstice will make the perfect growing environment. The important thing to remember for late spring or early summer planting is to water well and water frequently. Young plants with smaller root systems can easily die off if not watered properly – especially if you’re in USDA zones 8 and above. So staying on top of your plants' hydration is essential for your new blooms!

To get the low-down on the best flowers to plant in June, and how to plant them like an expert, we’ve gone straight to the pro. Trowels at the ready, because your ideal summer garden is just around the corner!

1. Shasta Daisies

shasta daisies

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If cottage-core is your vibe, then Shasta Daisies should be at the top of your planting list for this month.

The perennial cousin of Oxeye Daisies, these delicate meadow-like blooms look great at the front of a border or scattered throughout a flower bed with other English garden-inspired flowers and foliage. Plus, they’re great at withstanding hot temperatures once established!

Plant expert Sydni D’Amico at Fast Growing Trees says ‘Shasta Daisies are the perfect June blooming flower for your yard. Their bloom colors range from creamy white or butter yellow, to bright orange depending on variety. Since Shasta Daisies are perennials, they re-grow in the spring year after year and put out show-stopping flowers to kick off summer. Shasta Daisies thrive in-ground as well as in containers, so they're the perfect choice for gardeners who are limited on space!’

To start your Shasta Daisies off, Sydni says ‘Add about a 2-3 inch layer of compost in the planting hole before planting to give the soil more fertility and ensure your flowers will thrive. To get the most blooms out of your Shasta Daisies, make sure to plant them in the full sun. Prune off old blooms to encourage new ones to grow in their place quicker.’

If you want to try one of Sydni’s favorites, look out for the Becky Shasta Daisy and Amazing Daisies® ‘Banana Cream II’ Shasta Daisy!

2. Lavender

a spanish-style house with french lavender outside

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A firm favorite of Mediterranean garden designs, Lavender is ideal for planting in June.

This fragrant flower loves free-draining soil and can withstand serious heat, making it ideal for southern US zones. The only thing it won’t tolerate is waterlogged soil, so be sure to pick a well-draining area!

‘Lavender plants are not only the perfect addition to your yard or herb garden, but the flowers are edible as well! Try an iced lavender lemonade flavored with lavender blooms right from your yard,’ says expert Sydni.

‘This drought tolerant, hardy perennial blooms profusely in the summer months to give you beautiful blooms with a sweet, floral scent and taste. Since they are heat tolerant and have relatively low watering needs, lavender plants are also very low-maintenance.'

To improve your soil’s drainage in preparation for planting, Sydni has a pro tip. She says ‘Lavender plants enjoy well-draining soil and do not like having wet-feet, so you can mix in some sand into your soil mix to provide the soil with more drainage. Planting lavender plants in raised beds, or planters, is another way to ensure proper drainage.’

Want to know the expert’s pick for lavenders? Sydni's favorites are Sensational™ Lavender and Phenomenal™ Lavender.

3. Rose Shrub

pink rose shrub with lots of flowers

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Nothing says Bridgerton like an English rose, right? Now we’ve all had time to thoroughly fall in love with the series (and #Polin) it’s got us thinking, how can we get a slice of that quintessentially English country garden?

Sydni’s rose recommendation: Knock Out Roses! She says ‘Knock Out Roses are disease resistant and great for a low-maintenance garden since they require no dead-heading after blooming, making them the perfect addition to your summer blooming yard. Even better, Knock Out's have one of the longest blooming periods of all roses, blooming from early summer to late fall. Their blooms range in color from bright red, and hot pink, to pastel yellow and more depending on variety, so you can choose the perfect bloom color to liven up your landscape.’

Roses are hungry plants though, so giving them an extra boost of organic matter like manure or compost when planting will make sure it has plenty of nutrients over the growing season.

According to Sydni, position is super important for Knock Out Roses too. She advises ‘Plant your Knock Out Roses in a location that gets full sun (6-8 hours a day) for the best blooms. Make sure to choose a planting location for your Knock Out Rose that is not prone to standing water since these plants do not enjoy having wet-feet.’

For Sydni’s top rose picks, look for Double Knock Out Rose, Sunny Knock Out Rose, and Petite Knock Out Rose.

4. Calibrachoa


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If you’re just starting your gardening venture, low-maintenance plants like Calibrachoa are a great pick for planting in June. Plus, being an annual they don’t require the commitment of a perennial either, making it ideal if you’re prone to changing your mind!

‘Calibrachoas are profuse summer blooming annuals that are perfect as accent plants in yard beds or hanging planters. They are also heat-tolerant and disease-resistant as well, making them low-maintenance and easy-to-grow for new gardeners,’ says Sydni.

‘The blooms are vibrant in color and some varieties are even two-toned or speckled, making them a unique addition to your landscape that is sure to stand out.’

According to expert Sydni, these plants love well-draining soil, making them perfect candidates for balcony container gardening or hanging baskets. Just be sure to make your compost mix slightly more acidic than usual. ‘They thrive in more acidic soils,’ says Sydni ‘so mixing in some peat moss into the soil during planting is recommended to increase the acidity if you have more alkaline soil.’

Syndi loves Superbells® Dreamsicle, Superbells® Pomegranate Punch™and Superbells® Lemon Slice Calibrachoa for sensational summer-long color!

5. Petunias

petunias in a window box

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Nothing says summer like a basket bursting with Petunias. Available in a huge array of colors, these showy blooms are a must-have annual to plant this June – and a favorite of expert Sydni.

She says ‘Petunias are lavish summer blooming annuals with a vigorous, mounding growth habit, making them perfect as accents alongside other plants in beds and pops of color in hanging baskets.’

There’s no need to worry about keeping up with a lot of plant maintenance either. Sydni explains ‘Petunias are low-maintenance additions to your landscape since they are heat tolerant and have relatively low watering requirements. Their blooms come in vibrant colors ranging from bubblegum pink, deep purple, and even bi-colored ombrés.'

But before you start planting, Sydni has a top tip to achieve a super-polished look. She says 'To give your yard beds or containers a more full appearance right from the start, space your petunia plants closely together.’

Matilda Bourne