Types of Bathroom Vanity — A Handy Guide to Help Design Your Bathroom

Wondering about the types of bathroom vanity, and which ones are the best fit for you? These expert tips will help you explore the options

bathroom with wood vanity and marble top, round mirror and marble shower
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Selecting the right types of bathroom vanity can shape both the appearance, and the functionality of the room — after all, your choice should be guided by not only aesthetics but the way a vanity fits into how you use your bathroom.

Double vanities, for example, may be a popular choice for a modern bathroom, but they're not the right fit for every space, and while you might think the smallest, most compact basin is what you need for a tiny bathroom, you might find it's not practical enough for everyday use.

Whether your priority is saving space, or you are more motivated by the aesthetic appeal, our experts walk us through the different vanity options for building the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Floating vanity

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Mounted against a wall to create the illusion of weightlessness, the floating bathroom vanity offers a sense of elevated modernity to any bathroom.

'The floating vanity looks very elegant with its well-balanced proportions, it creates sophisticated contemporary ambiance in the bathroom' explains Kashi Shikunova, director of Yam Studios.

But this style is not all form over function, 'its elevated design makes it easy to clean the space, as you can simply mop underneath', says Kashi Shikunova.

However, it is not without its flaws: 'One drawback is its reduced storage capacity due to the lack of a lower cabinet space.'

Making this a better option for bathrooms with additional storage, or for the minimalists among us.

2. Pedestal vanity

An all white bathroom with a pedestal vanity

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The pedestal vanity allows for a more traditional look, and is an excellent option for those looking to maximise storage possibilities.

Kashi Shikunova agrees, saying: 'Pedestal vanities offer excellent storage capacity and efficiently utilize space.' Making them a good option if you are looking for small bathroom inspiration.

However, he adds, 'achieving balanced proportions can sometimes be challenging, resulting in a cluttered appearance. Pedestal vanities are ideally suited for areas with a lot of space and length, as the balanced proportion can be achieved to enhance spatial aesthetics. In tighter spaces, however, they may appear bulky and less streamlined.'

3. Single vanity

A green, standing vanity

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With a single vanity, the clue is in the name. These are best for bathrooms that will only be occupied by one person, or when space is not in abundance.

Lauren Lerner, founder and CEO of Living with Lolo, says: 'A single vanity is space-saving and cost-effective, ideal for smaller bathrooms, but may lead to congestion during busy times and offers less storage than double vanities.'

'While it's easier to clean and provides some design flexibility,' she continues, 'homes with double vanities might have higher resale value. Ultimately, the choice depends on factors like bathroom size, usage patterns, and personal preferences.'

For Shelagh Conway, founder of Triple Heart Design, 'Single vanities are primarily cons because of the space constraints that require using a single vanity (unless it is a powder room).' She says: 'In every bath space, we are trying to maximize function and flow, and the sink typically chews up a good amount of storage space in a single vanity, leaving little room for drawers.'

However, Triple Heart Design have developed designs that mitigate these issues. 'We’ve designed several 3 drawer vanities to solve this problem, creating a U-shape around the sink and plumbing to utilize every inch of available space.'

4. Double vanity

A floating vanity

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For those with ample space to play with, bringing a double vanity into your bathroom can offer a luxurious appearance, with plenty of storage space to hide away any products.

'Double vanities in spaces that have 60” or more are ideal, but that is still making it tight for drawer storage', says Shelagh Conway.

If you are looking to optimise storage, Shelagh suggests, 'opting for the full drawer units in these spaces, or if you have more available square footage add in drawers or tall linens.'

'Double vanities are ideal for larger bathrooms with multiple users, such as master bathrooms or shared family bathrooms, where simultaneous use is common' offers Lauren Lerner. 'They provide convenience, functionality, and ample storage options.'

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