3 Things You Need to Declutter Before you Spring Clean — 'It Makes Sprucing your Space a Breeze!'

An efficient declutter can help you approach your spring clean with more confidence and clarity

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As is tradition, spring is typically the time to tackle all of the less glamorous tasks that have been accumulating on your to-do list for a while. From dusting to scrubbing, a spring clean is an all-encompassing way to give your home the ultimate refresh to usher in the new season. However, it’s not for the faint-hearted, and it can sometimes be difficult to force yourself to embark on this mammoth task. The best way to make the process as painless as possible is to declutter before you get started. 

According to professional home and lifestyle organizer Di Ter Avest, decluttering is a necessary yet oft-forgotten preamble to spring cleaning. ‘Decluttering is crucial to set the stage for an effective spring clean,’ she explains. Amanda Wiss, founder of NYC-based home organizing company Urban Clarity, agrees. ‘As the weather changes, you want to focus on decluttering spaces that hold everyday items,’ she says. 'This includes your entryway, coat closet, bedroom closets, and general storage bins and spaces.'

To find out more, we spoke to both organization experts for their top tips on which areas to focus on decluttering in your home so that you can approach your spring clean with confidence and a clear head. Here's what they had to say.

1. Clothing

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For some reason, it can be challenging to let certain items of clothing go, even if you haven’t worn them in years. But according to Di Ter Avest, owner of Di is Organized, decluttering your clothes is an important step that will make your spring clean much more manageable. 

‘Go through your closets and drawers to weed out clothes you no longer wear, are out of style, or don't fit anymore,’ she says. ‘Donate, sell, or recycle what you can.’ She points out that shoes shouldn't be overlooked, either. ‘Similar to clothing, shoes tend to accumulate over time. Declutter by getting rid of pairs that are worn out, uncomfortable, or that you rarely wore this winter,' she says. 

Amanda Wiss of Urban Clarity agrees that bedroom closets should be targeted for a declutter prior to a spring clean. 'Whether or not you rotate clothes out for the season, now is the perfect time to declutter your bedroom closet,’ she explains. ‘Winter clothes are bigger and bulkier, so you want to make sure you have enough room to store them all away once you bring warm weather clothes to the forefront.’

The same applies to coat closets. 'If your hallway closet has gotten a little overrun by quick grabs for coats, boots, hats, and gloves, it’s time to declutter your coat closet,’ Amanda explains. ‘As you prepare to add your winter coats back to the closet full time, you want to make sure you’ve gone through and double-checked that every coat in your closet is actually worn. Decluttering whatever lives in the bottom of your closet will also make it easier to clean.’

2. Entryway

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An entryway is quite literally the gateway that links your home to the outdoor world, so it’s no wonder it can end up accumulating an excess of mail, mess and general clutter from the outdoors. Amanda explains that the entryway is an important area to declutter in preparation for an effective spring clean. 

'Rid your entryway of any mail that’s been sitting there since the New Year,’ she explains. ‘Throw away or store any holiday cards that may still be lingering. Clear snow boots and weather mats that have gathered salt and other outside dirt and once this space is empty, you can properly clean the space during your spring clean.’

And when it comes to the outdoor spaces beyond your front door, Di suggests getting rid of unnecessary equipment at this point, too. ‘As the weather starts to warm up, declutter your garage or outdoor storage space by getting rid of broken or unused outdoor equipment, gardening tools, and sports gear,’ she suggests.

3. Decor items and holiday decorations

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In the same vein, if you have any festive decor that should’ve been stashed away a long time ago, now is the time to do it. Di explains that decor items that are no longer necessary should be decluttered prior to a spring clean, to usher in the new season properly. 'If you still have Holiday decor lying around, this is your sign to evaluate what you don't like anymore, purge, and put the rest away,' she says. 

The same goes for regular decorative objet within your space. Shelving can be a great place to start decluttering. This object you choose to display can be interchanged for the seasons or completely refreshed for a more curated style for the new season. ‘Assess decorative items throughout your whole home,' Di suggests. 'Declutter by removing items that no longer suit your style or bring you joy.' 

Now that you've had a successful purge, sprucing up your space for the new season will be a breeze. Spring cleaning never felt easier!

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