These Feng Shui experts say you shouldn't position your bed like this if you want to sleep well – and it's a common layout idea

For better sleep and positive bedroom energy, Feng Shui experts recommend you avoid this specific bed placement

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Was there ever a piece of furniture more awkward to position than the bed? When space in your bedroom is limited it can be difficult to find a suitable spot, but there's one place Feng Shui experts urge you to rethink, especially if you want the best night's sleep possible. 

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is all about creating harmony in our homes through our furniture placement, and according to experts, our windows play a big role. 'In arranging furniture in a room, Feng Shui looks to create a beneficial flow of energy, and provide support for the inhabitants of a home,' says Feng Shui expert Laili Kafi Gonzalez of The Meazured Life. 'Windows, often referred to as the “eyes of a home”, are a way in which we can invite the qi, or energy, of a home to flow in or out. As a result, it’s not a solid, supportive energy.' 

With that in mind, a look at our windows can help dictate where to put our bed - if you want to follow Feng Shui principles, that is. If you want your modern bedroom to promote better sleep and the most positive energy possible, here's what you need to know. 

Why does Feng Shui say you should never put a bed in front of a window?

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Designers are often split on whether or not you should put a bed in front of a window. Sometimes, when faced with a small bedroom, it's the only option, but it can make for a cozy layout. According to Feng Shui, however, it should be avoided at all costs. 

'From the standpoint of energy flow, a bed placed in front of a window may impede the steady flow of qi (energy) in the space, which may have an impact on the quantity and quality of sleep as well as general well-being,' says Sylvia Li, an interior designer at Open Spaces Feng Shui. 

As she goes on to explain, this is because a bed is considered a grounding element when it comes to Feng Shui principles. 'Thus, placing one in front of a window could result in a lack of support and stability,' Sylivia continues. 'The presence of a window behind the bed can remove the sense of security and create a sensation of vulnerability during sleep.' 

So, if you want to sleep better, it might be worth switching up your bedroom layout if your bed is placed directly in front of a window. 

Where should a bed go instead? 

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With the space in front of your window out of the question, where should you put your bed instead? Bedroom Feng Shui rules are actually pretty specific when it comes to the placement of our beds - after all, it's during sleep that we're at our most vulnerable. 

Once again, your bedroom window has a part to play. 'Ideally, the bed should be placed diagonally across from the window, with the headboard leaning against a strong wall for support and stability,' says Sylvia. 'This arrangement provides a sense of security while sleeping and enables a balanced energy flow. If a diagonal arrangement is not feasible, you can set up the bed against the wall parallel to the window.'

It's all about mastering a type of placement known as 'the command position' in Feng Shui. This is essentially the place in a room that empowers you most, offering a clear view of the door and an overview of the room. 'You ideally want space on either side of the bed, with the door diagonally opposite so you can see anyone entering the room, but also not directly opposite the doors, either,' says Laili of The Meazured Life.

'When room layout allows, we always want our heads against a solid wall in order to provide the most stable and supportive energy while we are resting,' she adds. 'A solid headboard in wood or upholstered is always a good idea too.' 

What furniture is it safe to put in front of a bedroom window?

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Now that you're probabaly rethinking your entire bedroom layout, you might be wondering what to put in front of your window that's in line with Feng Shui. Don't simply fill the gap with the first piece of furniture that springs to mind. Instead, think about what could benefit your room, practically and aesthetically, while also allowing as much light to filter through as possible. 

'Following proper Feng Shui principles, it is recommended to pick bedroom furniture that's light and translucent when positioning it in front of a window,' Sylvia notes. 'A low-profile bench, a tiny plant stand, or a decorative screen are all acceptable bedroom furniture that can be put in front of a window. This type of furniture enhances the room's visual appeal and retains a clear view of the window and permits the free passage of energy.' 

Laili also loves the look of a pair of chairs in front of a window, another Feng Shui-friendly decor idea. 'Angle them so that they have some support from the walls around them, and don’t push them against the windows directly,' she says. It could soon become your favorite chill out zone in your home for a moment of quiet respite from a busy day. 

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