4 Positive Colors for a Bedroom — Include These Hues for an Effortlessly Uplifting Space

Choose these colors that will give your bedroom the right energy and have you waking up full of life

a blue bedroom with blue walls
(Image credit: George Barberis. Design: Casework)

The bedroom environment plays an essential part in getting a good night’s sleep. It’s important to make sure it’s somewhere you feel at ease, safe and relaxed, so choosing the right color scheme is imperative for setting the tone for your ultimate sanctuary.

Color has a profound effect on how we feel personally, and with certain colors being associated with moods and memories. Rather than following trends, it’s important to choose bedroom color ideas that speak to you as an individual.

Begin by focussing on spaces you love, what you’re drawn to, and the mood it presents you with. So if you want to create a space that feels positive and uplifting, what should you choose? We asked color experts for their advice.

1. Green

a green bedroom with a dark green comforter

(Image credit: Tim Lenz. Design: Crystal Sinclair)

The color of life, green is an undoubtedly positive color for its connection to the natural world. Varying from the tranquility and lightness of a sage green, to the depth of a dark leafy green to cocoon yourself within, this one’s a pretty safe bet for a soothing effect that exudes understated elegance.

We asked Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity what she thought: ‘Pale greens evoke a sense of nature and tranquillity, making them a perfect choice for a bedroom. They can also help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calmness.’

And if you’re looking for colors that go with green that feel equally positive, she suggests: ‘Green and beige are great earth tones bringing the outdoors inside. Both promoting relaxation and peace.’ What more could you want?

2. Blue

a blue bedroom with blue walls

(Image credit: George Barberis. Design: Casework)

Soft shades of blue often remind us of fresh, airy coastal color palettes. It’s a color in which is known to have a calming effect on the brain and reduce heart rate and blood pressure, according to Lisa. Opting for a lighter tone has a nautical association, but choosing darker tones can also work really well.

‘Don’t be afraid to use darker shades, as when used all over, bolder hues such as our blue-black ‘Basalt’ provide a sumptuous depth which creates that cosy, cocooning quality that’s perfect for a bedroom space,’ recommends Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director Little Greene.

3. Neutral Tones

A neutral bedroom with built in decorative wall storage and wall lights

(Image credit: Design: West of Main)

The positive with neutral beige tones is that they are totally timeless and incredibly versatile; overall a great canvas to build upon when styling a bedroom. For a cohesive and settling atmosphere, you can color drench, extending the wall color to the ceiling.

Lisa recommends this as on of the best colors for small bedrooms that feel positive: ‘This seamless look enhances the feeling of space, which is great for smaller/box room bedrooms. Choose a lighter shade to keep it feeling open and airy.’

Ensure there’s a warm undertone too, the last thing you want is a cold gray that give you chills.

4. Pastels

A pink attic bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and two skylights housing a bed with striped headboard and floral bedding

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

In addition to greens, blues and neutrals, decorating with pastels such as lavender, buttery yellow, blush pink, peach, and teal can evoke feelings of comfort, coziness and warmth being another positive option to consider for the bedroom. You may feel this is more your style if you were originally thinking of a bright color — toning it down to a pastel will offer up that energy you’re looking for while staying subtle and serene.

'We never seem to tire of pinks, and for a good reason,' says Patrick O'Donnell, an international color consultant for paint brand Farrow & Ball. 'They are eminently liveable, flexible and a dream to layer with other colours. Our much-loved Setting Plaster, which is not a sugary, overtly pretty pink, but contains a good dose of earthiness to neutralise it from truer perceived pinks.' On the other hand, lavender has made a comeback over the past year and offers a perfect option for the bedroom, ‘Like the smell, its shade can have a calming effect, making it a good choice for those looking for a touch of colour that promotes relaxation,’ says Lisa.

By pin-pointing your personal feelings towards color associations, explore what makes you feel comforted and calm, you’ll soon be selecting the right colors for your bedroom. Create a space that helps you relax, recharge, and get a good night's sleep. Imagine waking up every morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day — that's the power of a well-designed bedroom.

Portia Carroll

Portia Carroll is an interior stylist, writer, and design consultant. With a background in interior architecture and design, she has a plethora of creative experience in the industry working with high end interior brands to capture beautiful spaces and products and enhance their qualities.