How to avoid clothes collecting on a "laundry chair" – professional organizers rely on this one simple trick

Rid your bedroom of this eyesore instantly with this expert-approved idea

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The bedroom is arguably the most essential room in your home. It's your resting place and a sanctuary to escape from the rest of the world, and it's therefore a space worth prioritizing. Despite our best efforts to keep it clutter-free and organized, the same issue seems to happen week after week, and even some of the most beautifully designed bedrooms struggle with this one particular problem. Its name? The laundry chair.

It's something most of us struggle with. You might have thought that a small chair in the bedroom is a clever design choice but in reality, you were just inviting a mountain of clothes to accumulate in the corner of your room. Luckily, to put an end to the eyesore and help you when it comes to how to declutter your home, we have professional organizers on hand to help you through it. 

Stop letting that one space in your bedroom ruin your whole aesthetic. Check out this simple tip to create a clutter-free (by that I mean laundry chair-free) bedroom that invokes nothing but serenity.

How do I avoid the laundry collecting on a bedroom chair?

The professional organizers we spoke to confirmed that the laundry chair is a universal problem. Almost all their clients have had some version of one, and they are constantly being bombarded with questions on how to prevent it or improve closet organization to avoid it.

According to the experts, fixing the laundry chair problem is all about prevention - getting some of the best storage for clothes in place first. Having a chair to throw clothes onto is the easiest thing to do at the end of a busy day, and to avoid it you must have an alternative that's as equally easy. This is what professional organizer Melissa Gugni suggests. 'Sometimes a barrier to putting clothes away is that the system that a person uses is too time-consuming for daily use,' she explains. 

Most of us would consider a couple of hours of wear is not sufficient to warrant a wash (with some exceptions, of course) however, they are certainly not clean enough to be allowed back into the wardrobe. Here lies the problem of the laundry chair. To avoid a build-up of 'half-dirty' laundry, every room should have a place for these clothes.

'If the space allows, I love using hooks for things like this,' says Melissa.  'You can get wall-mounted hooks or removable Command Hooks and put them on the back of a closet door, on a wall, or inside a closet and designate it just for things like this.'

If hooks don't work for you there is an alternative that's a great small closet idea and doesn't require any extra space. 'My solution to this problem is quite simple,' says home and lifestyle organizer, Di Ter Avest. 'For those "not-so-dirty" clothes, try over the door hooks, or a decorative hamper,' she says. A hamper will keep the clothes organized in one place, and hidden from sight. 

Want to banish the laundry chair for good? Once you remove it from your space completely, you'll never look back. It's as easy as that!

Alternatives to the laundry chair

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