Is Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding in Style? Designers on When They Would (and Wouldn't) Use It

Experts give the definitive answer to whether kitchen cabinet crown molding is still in style or not. The maximalists out there won’t be disappointed

an off white kitchen with detailed cabinets and crown molding
(Image credit: Stephen St Russel. Design: Renovation Husbands. Appliances: Fisher & Paykel)

Kitchen cabinet crown moldings are one of those decorative elements that can divide opinions. While those of you leaning towards a more minimalist aesthetic might find them a tad superfluous, crown moldings have been around for a good while, and for good reason. It’s less about function, and more about style.

From giving your kitchen a sophisticated overall look, to making your cabinets stand out, it’s a go-to detail for those of us who like a more classic aesthetic. A decorative element meant mainly for the joy of embellishment, with so many sizes and designs available, it can add real character to your space.

However, with the rise in popularity of minimalist designs, whether crown moldings are still in style or not is up for debate, especially when designers agree that it’s not a detail they would recommend in every modern kitchen. Here’s what the experts have to say.

Is kitchen cabinet crown molding in style?

A kitchen with blue painted cabinets

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While it might not be for everyone, there are plenty of us out there who will opt for cabinet crown molding to add interest to our kitchens. ‘Particularly for homes that are more traditional or transitional in style, cabinet crown molding is a great way to create cohesion between the kitchen and the rest of the home’s spaces,’ interior designer Liz Potarazu explains. And for those especially keen on a maximalist aesthetic, Liz tells me her team are seeing very detailed and wide moldings being used recently to make kitchen cabinets look more expensive.

As to whether kitchen cabinet crown molding will eventually go out of style, designers can’t see that happening anytime soon. So, if this is a look you love, you can go for it knowing that it won’t look dated in a few years’ time. ‘I really don’t think cabinet molding will ever go out of style,’ interior designer Kristen Harrison tells me. ‘It is truly a classic element to cabinets. If you look at old school British kitchens, you’ll see such a variety of moldings that add an entire layer of character to a space. It serves to add some polish to your most used area of the home,’ adds the expert.

What style of crown molding should you go for?  

a modern kitchen with crown molding around cooker hood

(Image credit: Sarah Winchester Studios. Design: Nicole Hirsch Interiors)

Crown molding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s a great opportunity to truly think of the details and create a unique look. You can opt for a traditional aesthetic, but there are more streamlined options out there too. ‘While we don’t think the crown moulding will ever go out of style, we are excited to see new interpretations of traditional mouldings in kitchen design,’ interior designers Meghan Bannon and Tara Marshall tell me.

‘In our opinion moldings can be as ornate or simple as seems necessary to work with your kitchen aesthetic. If given the choice we say go bold and be playful,’ the designers add, and we agree. You can adapt the crown molding traditional element to a modern aesthetic and give an eclectic feel to your space.  

When should you avoid kitchen cabinet crown modling?

before after

(Image credit: Michael J Lee)

Although it seems kitchen cabinet crown molding is here to stay for the foreseeable, designers agree that it’s not always the best option. It all depends on the home’s architecture and overall style. ‘For my clients, the only time I’d advise against cabinet crown molding would be if we’re working in a modern home, using flat front, European-style cabinetry,’ explains Liz.

Meghan and Tara agree. ‘While we don’t think the crown molding will ever go out of style, we do think that modern kitchens tend to call for crownless caps,’ they tell me. ‘It's our suggestion to tailor your crown to your kitchen. If the look is open and clean, we suggest forgoing the crown in favour of a more minimal look,’ advise the designers.

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