How to Decorate with Sherwin-Williams’ Shade ‘Debonair’ — 'It's The Embodiment of Modern Sophistication!'

This charming shade of blue is the new 'it' color, so we spoke to the experts for their best tips for styling the hue

A living room with blue walls painted in Sherwin Williams' Debonair
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When it comes to refreshing your home's paint colors, there are certain hues that will forever remain classically relevant and blues happen to be one of them. No matter how much time goes by, the versatility of deep blue hues will reign supreme within the confines of chic modern homes. Perhaps it's the comfort that the shade brings or maybe it's simply the way the shade connects the space to the core element of water. Regardless of the exact reason, rich blue shades will always be a winner in the paint world.

This year has brought forth a myriad of color trends and blue was a notable inclusion in varied hues across the most trendy shades of the moment. And while perusing the blues, we happened to come across one of our favorite renditions of the shade so far. 'Debonair' by Sherwin-Williams is a cool blue with gray undertones that is the ideal paint color for any contemporary living space. Curious to understand the hype around the tint, we spoke to the experts and they've given us some brilliant design tips that are sure to make the shade sing.

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We think that a fresh lick of 'debonair' is an efficient way to infuse any room with a calming aura and Emily Kantz, color marketing manager of Sherwin-Williams agrees. She owes the color's popularity to the positive connections that homeowners often make to light blue shades like 'debonair' when debating welcoming color schemes for their homes. 'This shade evokes a sense of tranquility and charm given the softness of the color, making it a perfect choice for bedrooms, a space that generally caters to relaxation,' she notes.

Interior design expert Nina Lichtenstein shares a similar sentiment and points out that the rising popularity of 'debonair' can be attributed to its versatility and timeless appeal. 'As homeowners seek to enliven their spaces with sophistication and depth, this deep blue-gray hue offers a sophisticated alternative to classic navy or charcoal,' says Nina.

She also calls attention to the fact that 'debonair' is the type of shade that can be featured in accents but can also double as a great option for painting the walls and ceiling the same color without being too overwhelming. 'Whether used sparingly as an accent or embraced boldly as a dominant hue, this color adds depth and sophistication to any room, making it a favorite choice among discerning designers and decorators,' she says.

How to style Debonair for a decadent splash of color

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Emily tells us that homeowners commonly opt for this shade for bedrooms and bathrooms to bring in an air of serenity. She especially recommends using the color on cabinets for a spa bathroom feel without having to limit the space to white paint. 'If you're looking for colors that pair well with "debonair", try using cool whites like "Extra White" (SW 7006), or darker blue shades like "Waterloo" (SW 9141) from Sherwin-Williams,' she says.

Nina suggests coupling 'debonair' with complementary colors like soft creams, warm beiges, and shades of gray. 'For a bolder look, consider accents in mustard yellow or burnt orange to create a striking contrast,' says Nina.

When considering the optimal lighting for this gorgeous shade of blue, Nina tells us that 'debonair' is at its best when draped by warm, ambient lighting that enhances its rich undertones. 'Soft, golden light fixtures or wall sconces can accentuate the depth of this hue, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere,' she says. Lighting can play a crucial role in highlighting a color and since warm lighting works well with 'debonair', it further drives home its popularity as a bedroom color considering the common use of soft yellow lighting in the space.

If there's one thing you must keep in mind when decorating with 'debonair', Nina recommends aiming for a balanced aesthetic to ensure that the color is neither overstimulating nor underwhelming. 'I highly recommend using this shade as a focal point through accent walls, statement furniture pieces, or lush textiles like velvet or silk,' she suggests. 'Additionally, pairing it with metallic finishes such as brass or gold will result in a luxurious finish but you can also incorporate natural elements like wood or rattan to soften its intensity.'

Despite its boldness compared to a basic neutral, designing around this shade is not as tricky as it seems. The sheer tonal scheme of the hue makes it incredibly easy to work with and even a subtle patch of this color will make any room appear fresher than before.

With so many colors that go with blue, we're not surprised at the fact that 'debonair' is among the shades in vogue this year and we only expect similar subtle hues to become a staple modern take on neutrals as time passes. And from what we've heard from the experts, styling the shade is easy and the paint's simplicity provides plenty of room for decorative experimentation. So if you've been looking for an elegant shade that adapts well to interior walls but have found yourself feeling puzzled about what color to pick, this may be the shade for you.

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