How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle — This Will Keep Your Grill Working Its Best All Summer

BBQ season can often leave your grill looking a little worse for wear, so here's what you need to do to give it a good scrub down, according to experts

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It's all fun and games when you're grilling up your favorite dishes on your sleek Blackstone griddle, but when it comes to cleaning it up — that's a whole different story. It can be tricking getting through the grime and dirt, and oftentimes wiping it down with a cloth is simply not enough.

'Cleaning your Blackstone griddle after each use is essential to keeping the non-stick surface working well,' says Ken Doty, COO and Cleaning Expert at The Maids. 'It can also help prevent cracks and rust. If you don't clean it over time, it's only going to get harder to maintain and will eventually lose its non-stick surface'.

If you've found the best grill to cook up a delicious BBQ and you now want to learn how to clean your blackstone griddle in the most efficient way, then keep reading for some experts advice.

Cleaning a blackstone griddle

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A Blackstone griddle is known for its flat cooking surface. Unlike a standard grill, a griddle does not have grill grates and its solid surface takes over the entire griddle. It allows you to cook up a range of different foods that you might not be able to on a normal grill, but also presents its own challenges for cleaning, too.

After much use, a grime and rust can accumulate on your griddle if you do not clean it thoroughly — but when cleaning, you'll also need the right tools at hand.

Ken Doty, COO and Cleaning Expert at The Maids says we should use: 'Metal Scraper to remove rust, a Non-metallic scrub brush, griddle pumice cleaning brick, Dish Soap, Degreasers, Vegetable Oil and Baking Soda's solution'. Ken says we should avoid using regular soap as this can remove the seasoning layer on the grill. This is essentially a process which creates a stick resistant process.

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Here are a few steps Ken says you should follow to clean your griddle:

1. 'Heat your griddle for a few minutes to remove rust'.

2. Next, Ken says you should 'scrape the surface with heat protective gear'.

3. It's time to 'let the grill cool, and wipe off any remnants'.

4. 'Pour your vegetable oil (anywhere from 1/3-to 1/2 cup) and scrub hard with your pumice stone to remove any remaining rust debris that the initial scrub didn't catch,' Ken adds.

5. You now need to repeat the previous steps until the rest of the rust is gone

6. Last but not least, Ken says you should 're-season with vegetable oil once all the rust is removed, and move to a safer and dry location'.

Nicole Johnson Blackstone Griddle expert and writer at 'Or Whatever You Do' says: 'Maintain your griddle by cleaning it regularly, and re-seasoning periodically if you notice a lot of spots that are causing food to stick'.

'You can also spot' re-season if you notice little spots of rust after you haven't used the griddle for a while. Other than that, just wipe down the exterior periodically. These are very easy to maintain,' Nicole adds.


Why are Blackstone griddles ideal for cooking?

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'Blackstone Griddles are ideal for cooking because the cooking surface is so big and they do a really good job of maintaining their temperatures well,' Nicole tells us: 'Things like stir fry, searing steaks and other meats, or cooking in bulk for a party have never been easier than they are with a Blackstone'.

Ken Doty, COO and Cleaning Expert at The Maids adds: 'Stone griddles are ideal for cooking as they have a lot of versatility with being able to cook lots of different meals and recipes. They're also very convenient as they're easy to use and cook food very quickly. Griddles can also encourage Chefs to try new things and recipes that may be healthier than what they usually cook. Overall, the versatility, efficiency and convenience make Stone griddles one of the premier stove-top options'.

How to prevent rust on a Blackstone Griddle

Nicole says in order to prevent rust from accumulating onto your griddle you should make sure 'there is no moisture left on the griddle when it is being stored, and you wipe a thin coat of oil on the top before covering. If it’ll be stored for a long period of time, some people like to place wax paper or parchment paper over the top, after it is oiled. Just make make sure to remove it before you fire the griddle up again!'

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