5 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Home After Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations, from Designers

Beat the January blues and inject some joy back into your interiors with these designer-approved tricks

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It's that time of year again - time to take down the Christmas decorations. After spending weeks surrounded by beautiful ornaments and twinkly lights, taking everything down can be a sad occasion, but we need to move on and get the job done. With epiphany falling today (the twelfth night of Christmas), the day has officially arrived - leave them up any longer and it could result in bad luck. 

Once the task is over, you might need some ways to bring joy back into your home and fight the January blues. After having such a powerful dopamine dose from your decorations, your living room can feel almost empty without them. The corner where the tree used to sit is looking rather sad, and the soft string lights that perfectly lit the living room have been replaced by a basic lamp. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to revive your space and bring back some of that joy into your interiors for the rest of the year. We spoke to some interior designers to discover how they plan to beat the blues and bring life back into their homes after the festive sparkle has faded. Discover how you might be able to do the same with these expert tips.

1. Fresh Flowers

A brightly tiled hallway with console table and flowers

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Fresh flowers are an easy way of bringing life back into your home. 'Taking down holiday decor can leave a space feeling a bit empty and less cozy,' says Kiera Schultz, owner and principal designer at KSDesigns LLC. 'Bringing out a grouping of your favorite vases and placing them around a room or home with fresh flowers instantly brings a space to life.'

Not only do fresh flowers bring a beautiful visual element to your home, that you may have been lacking since you took down the decorations, but it also brings a fresh scent too. This can create a more welcoming and relaxing environment for you to kickstart your 2024, and there are houseplants out there that make your house smell good.

2. Introduce some color

Headboard ideas in modern bedroom

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Once you've taken down all the red, green, and gold accents that have been adorning your house for the past month, you suddenly realize how plain your home is. Don't get me wrong, I love a neutral color scheme, but I've found myself missing the pops of color. Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky from Arsight, says introducing some bright hues into your home is the best way to overcome the January blues.

'Add some active touches with colorful accents,' he says. 'After the holidays, bringing in bright throw pillows, colorful artwork, or appealing decor can sincerely perk up a room.' Try testing out some new 2024 color trends and combinations in your decor. Throw cushions are an easy way to dip your toe into a trend without committing to a big paint project.

3. Bring scent into your space

A living room with coffee table candle

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Scent is an integral part of creating a welcoming space. Throughout Christmas, home baking was a common source of warming and festive aromas, but now we have to find other modes of making a home smell amazing

Kiera suggests utilizing candles to revitalize your space and create a cozy living room. 'Adding a subtly scented candle to the mix adds another layer to the moment,' she says. 'Using a mix of candle holders and candle sizes to add visual interest in addition to calming ambient lighting can bring joy to any space.' They can also be used to warmly light your space on dark evenings, too.

4. Focus on lighting

A living room with an arched floor lamp with a black base and a light blue textile shade overhanging the sofa

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On that note, some extra lighting is in order. After having twinkly lights decking our homes for so long, you've likely become used to their warm glow, and our living room now feels empty with just the one lamp (or worse, the big light). 

'Consider a lights makeover,' says Artem. 'Opt for bulbs that emit a warm, gentle glow. This could make your area feel more welcoming and relaxed, mainly after the holiday lights are long past.' Try adding various lighting options and new living room lighting ideas to revive the space. Creating different layers of light will make your home feel more calm and relaxing.

5. Rethink your space

A cozy reading corner with underfoot rug

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If you're really feeling that your home has lost all its sparkle, consider how you might be able to reconfigure the space and move things around. If you're already deliberating where to put your sofa or moving a piece of furniture into a different room, take this as your sign. Little switches like this can make a world of difference in just a little time by simply using what you already have. 

'Changing up the association of your furnishings can make a significant distinction,' says Artem. 'It can provide your area a new appearance and experience, almost like a mini-renovation.' 

If you believe your home needs a change after taking down your Christmas decorations, try at least one of these five tips to make your home feel brand new again.

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